Monday, August 06, 2012

Our Children's Path

I look at my children at times and I wonder how they picked the paths they chose, what made them decide to do the things they do and what influences have they had to come up with these decisions they made.

Take one of my twin boys for example, since graduating Highschool seven years ago he has tried to get into the Funeral business. I have no clue where the interest into that type of business come from, but AH has discouraged it for years for whatever reason. I didn't get involved, if that's what you want...go for it. However there is only one  College in Ontario that offers the course and admission into the program is hard, especially when you are fresh out of Highschool. He took several admission tests but most people attending those where in their late twenties to early mid thirties, so he never was successful in getting into the program. He persuit other avenues to better his chance to get into the program, taking Health and Sciences courses at different colleges. Despite all the discouragement from AH and the hard time trying to get into the program he gave it, what he called, "one more shot" and if he didn't get in this time he will give up on it.Now mind  you  this is the beginning of August, most Colleges have already sent out their acceptance letters many weeks ago, and once again he didn't hear anything back from that particular school and was looking into other directions. But then late last week he received the acceptance letter to Humber College into his desired program. Now being my son and having my procrastinating  nature, he didn't think it would happen and didn't get any of the other requirements that are needed for the program, which the most important one has had a kind of a catch 22 to it. 40 hrs job observation, which a lot of the funeral homes would only take you if you were accepted into the program, but you needed them for being accepted into the program, does it make sense? Not really. So of course now being a little bit in a panic, because he has to get all these extra requirements that he had neglected, needs to find a place to stay etc, so stressed he is....but thank God he went for a Job Observation interview, was sent home to get his suit and was asked to work that very day. Of course he didn't have a suit either. lol...typical kid. So since Friday he has been working at the Funeral home, and boy he sure has seen a lot since starting there. Poor kid, he never even had been to a funeral before. But for whatever odd reason he still wants to do it and I ask him every day if it's still what he wants to do and the answer stays the same. i hope it will be all that he expected in his drive to pursue this carrier. Hats of to him.

My daughter is another one who has picked a carreer choice that it a mystery to me, especially since math was never her favourite subject, but now she is a wiz at it and I am looking at her text books and it looks like chinese to me.
Way to go!!


Linda Wildenstein said...

You son's tenacity says a lot about you. Sticking to your ideas as an adult is hard, my hat is off to your son. I worked in the funeral industry for awhile.
And as to your daughter....kudos as well. It won't be long before I am be unable to help my grands with homework, but I'll hang in until we need other help. Oma Linda

Tina said...

Thanks Linda, let's just hope all stays well with them!