Saturday, April 02, 2016

B is for Baby

Baby could be a newborn baby;your child, no matter how old it is;or a new person in your life etc.
This B is for baby that my baby had. Since last April I am a grandma. When I first found out that my baby was having a baby, it was a little bit of shock to my system. She had just landed a full time job in the field she went to school for after she graduated from College and she had many more plans on continuing her education and then the news...."I'm gonna have a baby". A baby changes everything. And so he has. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy almost a year ago and all of a sudden there is this little bundle of joy that mixes up everything. I am amazed as how well she has mastered everything, new baby, new job, new living situation etc. As for me..... I love my baby's baby. He is just the cutest and most adorable little munchkin. And the time with him is just flying by. He is growing up way too fast.
Happy Birthday

Friday, April 01, 2016

A is for Absence and A-Z Challenge

Well it's been almost two years since my last blog entry and I thought joining the A - Z Challenge would be a good way to start blogging again. It is a push to get back into it. I have missed reading the blogs of my blogger friends and even though I have read the odd one over the months, it was not like it used to be before, and I feel disconnected. A lot has happened in their lives, a lot has happened in my life and my absence was due to a lot of these changes, including health changes, professional changes and other personal changes. Some have been good, some have been not so welcomed changes, and some have been just amazing. So after all this time of ABSENCE  I am hopefully back and I am looking forward to reading amazing blogs written by amazing people and reconnecting with some "old" blogger friends. Bring on the A - Z  Challenge.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go from my last entry in late September to over two months later? Well they say time flies when you are having fun, however it also flies when life isn't kind and fun. A lot of things have  happened since the last entry, a lot of sad things and some life changing things are in the works.
Remember the last entry....Pumpkins for Cathey? Shortly after that entry our good blogger friend has lost her fight with cancer. It was such a shock and such a sad time, even though I knew she was very ill, you always have hope that things get better. But they didn't for Cathey. There hasn't been a day gone by that I don't think about her and her young family, I have re-read her last email to me a hundred times. I will always treasure the memory of a blogger friend I have never met in person, but thru emails and letters and packages. She will always be remembered as the kind and thoughtful person she was and her great spirit will live on in her young sweet son. What a gem she was!
Starting the entry with this makes really everything else that happened fade into no real this will be it for today.