Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Donkey Poem

The Donkey Poem
by Paula Blanch

Don’t waste your time young lady, she heard the farmer say.
That donkey, well he’s stupid; they’re all just born that way.
"He’s slow to move, can take no load in buggy or in sack,
The only thing he’s good for is a whip across his back"

But the young girl, she knew different,
she could sense it in her heart
She would take the donkey home with her
and give him a new start.
So the farmer took her money and handed her the reins.
Good riddance to bad rubbish, mules would always be the same.

Ten years of hurt and ignorance and callous disregard,
would need to be forgiven, and left there in the past.
As the young girl walked the donkey home,
there was no need for speech
Their hearts and minds and souls were joined,
 the silence had been breached.

For love can work great magic if you give it but a chance,
stooped heads will rise, old dreams come true
 and broken hearts will dance.

This story is no different from many I have heard.
It teaches of the power of touch and gently spoken words.
The young girl, now a woman, with children of her own,
still loves this dusty donkey, she first brought to her home.

You see the donkey symbolizes critters everywhere,
that never get to share their gifts or know that humans care.
Through history, their lives have been,
all service, toil and scorn.
A million miles of pain laid out
along the paths they’ve worn.


Linda Wildenstein said...

Tina, this is the most wonderful poem. Did you write it? You should share it with everyone everywhere. May I share a link to your post? And may I share the link on for the love of Donkeys???? I'll wait for your reply, Oma Linda

Linda Wildenstein said...

Of course now I see someone else wrote it. Sorry, I was crying so hard I didn't notice before. Oma Linda

Inger said...

Donkeys are the most misunderstood of animals, simply because they are so intelligent. It is good to know that there are at least some people who care about them and will take them in and love them. If I were younger, I would definitely have a couple of donkeys here. And I would treasure them so.