Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It was a beautiful day!

Sunday morning I sat out to my weekly volunteer job at the DSC, and this time I was actually volunteering...I arrived at the same time as one of my favourite co-volunteers and we noticed right of the bat that something was wrong with my favourite Orly, we rushed down to the Barn to inform barn staff on duty and were asked to bring Orly down to the barn. It took us along time to get her from the field down to the barn, as she was very slow walking and had to take frequent breaks. While walking with her she was definitely having problems walking, but she wasn't lame more like she was stumbling over her own hooves, which caused me great concern. I don't think I could be there if something would ever happen to my sweetie. We brought her down her vitals and temperature were taken and they seemed normal, which is a good thing, her one hoof was a little bit warm, so hopefully it will turn out to "just" be an abscess. Omg these days I am so happy when the donkeys only have an abscess or a skin infection, it has been very emotionally draining with the loss of so many donkey friends, but I love them so much and I want to be there for them. Orly was put in the barnyard gang for observation and was enjoying the sun and the hay for the rest of the day, and she seemed to be walking better too, so that was a little bit of a relief. We spent some time cleaning out the East side and the barnyard.                                                                                                            
Then I worked for the rest of the time in the Girl's paddock, also dubbed Gordon's paddock by us volunteers, and broke up ice over rain puddles that had form, that's all I need somebody breaking a leg or so. Boy, it sure was a good frustration buster, so I worked out some anger in a physical way and I have the blisters to proof it. All along while I busted sheets of ice, the girls were soaking up the sun. (Juno, Roberta and Tibet, l2r)

Before we left we spent some time in the main herd, it was so cute, there were donkey boys laying down all over the field, but not together, one here, another over there, another way over there, one by the feeder..etc, they were totally relaxed and enjoying the warm winter sun, and it was so nice to be out there. The girls on the other hand hung out with us and were looking for attention and ear scratches and just some one on one time. We have about four well mannered boys in the girls group and they were keeping us just as much company as the girls did. I took a few pictures to share with some friends that can't visit during the winter months and it made me happy to do so. Here is Donkeschoen checking out the new gate to the lane way that leads up to the Donkey House.
Of course I didn't leave without checking on my sweet Orly one more time and she was enjoying the sun with Callie the goat, I gave her a big hug good-bye, because you just never know, and petted her for a while and then left.

                                                      Other donkeys enjoying the sunshine
         Evil eyed Peter...he is always on the lookout for reasons to protect his little donkey wife Katy.
Totally zonked out Callie

Obewan with his horrible dirty coat, but I know why it is so dirty too, because Mr. Whitey here loves to roll in the dirt.

And some of the gang.
After we said good-bye we met with two other friends for coffee and because we sat at the coffee place for so long,  it turned out to be time for dinner and we headed across the parking lot to a Greek restaurant and continued our stories there. I don't think we ever laughed so much, and we developed a few plans for the next little while and I can't wait for our next get togethers. It is always so much fun to get together with my donkey loving friends....we are sure some special nuts.


Sandra said...

What a perfect day! So glad the donkeys can enjoy the warm and sunny weather. We are freezing over here (Slovenia, Europe)!

Tina said...

Yes Sandra I have heard about your freeze over there from my family and friends. Here it is totally unusually warm, we had hardly any snow, the other day it was plus 6 and that in February, for sure not normal...hope we don't have to pay for it later on.

Joan said...

Was Cocoa the one lying down by the feeder? Glad you had such a nice day... Hope Orly is recovering well

Tina said...

Lol Cocoa was eating at the feeder, remember he is a growing boy!

Joan said...

Just knew he had to be near the feeder one way or the other. LOL

Tina said...

Yup that would be your boy! Lol

Inger said...

I just love to hear about the donkey rescue and your work there. Donkeys are the best animals. So adorable. Thank you so much for helping Amy and Sylvia. It is so tragic that someone in the best years of her life should be so ill.

Tina said...

It sure is Inger, my dad passed away five years ago from the same.