Monday, February 06, 2012

Taking inventory!

Today, just like last week's Monday, is another beautiful sunshine filled day. Just like last week's Monday today is a day for new beginnings...and it starts  with taking inventory of the things at hand, the things that need to be dealt with and the things that need to be taken out as trash. So this morning with tape measure at hand I assessed the damage, boy that sure was scary, but not something I didn't know but I didn't know the extend of the damage. Next item on the agenda was to march my sorry ass down to the basement to spent some quality time with what was once my best friend, the elliptical trainer. I had spent time with it here and there, on and off over the last little while, only to know that really it had no purpose at that time other than frustrating me more. So I spent a considerable amount of time with it this morning and hopefully can get back into the swing of things. I find it hard at times to deal with many issues all at once and rather tackle one thing after the other, but it's especially hard to do when they are all so intertwined and one is deeply connected with the other. But hopefully starting to do things again that are good for me will help in all avenues. Even just wanting to do something again is a big change for me right now, because I haven't done nothing but try to survive in the last little while. This morning I will run a few errands and then I plan on spending the afternoon with dealing, sorting out/prioritizing and assessing  what needs to be done now.
Friday after the workshop I had a long phone conversation with someone that has always been a big support and help and that sure made a few things clear, Saturday I spend a considerable amount of time talking with an acquaintance comparing notes and reminiscing over past events a long time ago, and it felt great. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am not much of a talker when it comes to sharing things in my life, but having the friends I have, it has made things so much easier, and oddly enough when we first started to hang out we only had one common interest and topic, but it has developed into so much more than just bonding over one thing and I am blessed to have that particular circle of friends, and I am sure there is one more circle I will have to share the story with come Wednestitchday. But poor C., I don't know how much she can take of me, because she has been there all along right from the start and heard it many times from any angle she could hear it from, but she also loves the story as goodness for once prevails. :) So when we had coffee yesterday with the group, she was the instigator of me telling the story once more, but somehow the story gets better each time, because so much more comes to light, so much more background information is added and we  know much more now than just our little part in it. Maybe one day I will be ready to share the whole horror story with a fairytale ending, but as for now I am just dealing with myself  ( or you could read the fairytale version of the story at my PIC's blog).
Ooops there goes a change in plans....another meeting....funny how we traded one type of anxiety for another type, maybe not quite so high a level, but nevertheless anxiety. Oh I need more of that right now.  Ok here I go......

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