Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I'm out

I am playing on two not quite functional teams right now, one of the teams hopefully will pick up and pull together and  propel forward with the help of others and each other. So far so good. I have been really touched by the care and the support by the new team leader and the overall leader and I had to ask them yesterday if they are ganging up on me lol....because both of them are on my case like white on rice and I am at the point I will  do about anything to get them of my back lol, it's not that I don't appreciate their concern and care, it's just way too much for me, I am not one that  likes to be fussed over and one has been fussing like mother hen over me lol, really not sure why though!
The other team is also making great effort in improving the team and team spirit, not quite sure if they go about it the right way and for the right reason, all I have to say is that there is no "I" in team. But I will hang in there and deal with them, after all I only have one person to answer to and that is myself. So as long as I can deal with me being on that team, I will be ok. There are definitely players on it that will be better off when they move on, and I totally agree and understand that. It's hard to be on a team where you aren't valued as a player. So today we had a meeting with that team and there were so many new committees formed for so many new policies and procedures, I am on two of them, which is fine with me, one I am actually very excited about as it is my favourite reason why I joined that team in the first place. And then they were looking for a chair person to head of a Safety committee, definitely something I had one person in mind to do so, turns out so that everybody thought of a totally different person, moi....yeah chairing a committee I think you need to be smoking something to come up with that idea. It is definitely something that would be of interest to me, and something one could get lots accomplished and from my previous work experience that has always been a strength of mine because it is just my nature, but chairing is not something I do. lol NO WAY! And for that reason I am out, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

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