Saturday, January 14, 2012

A few of my favourite gifts

I have received a lot of great presents for Christmas and my birthday, here are just a few of my favourites.

Cross Stitch Front fold made my friend JES

A coworker/friend at the DSC got me this hand painted mug from one of the artists that was met at the Royal Winter Fair. I also have a matching Christmas ornament and if I win the lottery one day, I will purchase the original oil painting from the same artist that we have in the boutique on consignment. I love my mug.
Like always my kids got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday. I loved it, it was just absolutely beautiful in colour and fragrance.
Key chain or scissor fob made my JES. I was just amazed when I opened my gift bag, it just kept getting better and better with every present I opened.

Another one from my friend and Stitching Sister JES. I love the colours on this.
A few days after my birthday I received a parcel from AMAZON.CA and it was a gift from Cate. It's an absolutely amazing book with cute pictures and great stories.  Reminded me also of an unlikely friendship that we had in our house a few years ago between Muffin and Rodney....(Blog entry to follow one of these days).

A week after my birthday we had a surprise baby shower for one of our stitching sisters, unfortunately I missed it and I missed seeing her new little man for the second time because of meetings. I arrived late that night for our biweekly stitch night down at the centre, when I arrived she had left a bag for me with a birthday present. And I just totally adore it....and was speechless and yes it made me smile on a very rotten (work wise)day. Tammy is not only my lovely stitching sister but also my 12 year younger birthday twin. :)

I am so blessed to have all these wonderful and thoughtful friends in my life. Thank you for all the wonderful cards, notes, emails, and amazing gifts. 

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Sharon said...

Lovely gifts! Beautiful mug and that pillow is very precious!