Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Safe and Sound

"Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You 'll be safe and sound!"

That your time with us was short lived  we knew right from the start. Someone had robbed you of a life of joy, love, proper care and no pain.  Your little body told a story of lifelong neglect and the pain you must have felt for over twenty years must have been unimaginable. We had hoped for a little more time for you to experience love, care and a life worth living. I loved your sweetness right from the start and despite your pain there was still a spark of life and wonder in your eyes. And the few moments we had with you we will always treasure. You were an incredible sweet creature and despite your neglectful life you had still trust in people and it was apparent that you enjoyed our company, at the same time your pain was just as apparent most of the time. You did have some good days with us and those gave us hope to have more time with you. We didn't know how long you had and I had made up my  mind that I would spend as much time as possible with you so you could know what it is to be loved and cared for by people who care. Unfortunately we never had the chance as your pain was becoming too unbearable for you  and impossible for us to do anything about it for you. I am grateful to have known you. Sweet little donkey you'll be alright, no one can hurt you now. Little Maddie was euthanized on January 5.
Cute little Maddie. RIP


Sandra said...

Stories like her make me real angry inside, helpless and beyond sad. I so wish you'd had more good days once you were rescued. Rest in peace dear Maddie. I

Joan said...

So thankful that she passed with loving and caring people around her. As hard as it is for you, you perform a most blessed service to God's precious ones. Thank you for being there for the animals and for being you... loving, kind, caring and giving.