Friday, January 13, 2012


Since New Year's Day my days have been filled with wondering, anger, grief, frustration and all kinds of all over the place emotions, having had a hard time concentrating or thinking of anything else, the first half of the first month of the new year has just passed me by without much acknowledgement of what was before and after the tragic event.So I am doing a rewind of time. I did have a great Holiday Season. Christmas Eve was celebrated like always quietly and festive at home, all the kids were home and who would have thought that I might enjoy that lol, but after all maybe maturity is finally setting in on their part. Christmas Day was spent at our house with the in-laws and the cats.

Awww the used to be that you had to worry about the kids getting up early and get into their stockings and gifts before  the parents are up, now it's the cats you have to worry about. As one of the little ones came for his daily morning cuddle on the bed, I was wondering where he had been, since his face was covered with all kinds of tiny little dust particles. When I finally came downstairs I saw where he had been, I guess nobody had told the cats that we don't start unwrapping or snooping until everybody else is up. Their stocking was emptied out and their treats and toys were all over the place, since the toys were still attach to their packaging they had to rip at them to get them out, and ripping they did. There was catnip all over the floor and pieces of toys throughout the living room.
So I guess they had a good time during the night.Seems like just like last year that Christmas was more for the cats than the kids. Patiently three of five waited until all their things were unwrapped and then had more fun with the other things around the tree.

Daisy like always enjoyed making her little tent out of wrapping paper and defended it viciously when someone came to close or wanted a turn of trying it out.
Jack took ownership right away of the new sleeping place as he loves tents or anything that is covering him up. The others had a hard time getting their turn and to this day it's only shared between Charcoal and Jack.
The days between Christmas and New Years Eve were spent at work, Boxing Day at the Centre, the rest at the DSC. New Years Eve I spent with four of my friends while having a lovely dinner at Boston Pizza in Cambridge. It was nice to spend some time with them and it was especially nice because my Cate was there too. Turned out that our New Years Eve Dinner was also a surprise birthday dinner for two of us, so that made it extra special.
Then the New Years Day tragedy struck, some time in the night  and we spent most of the time on the phone talking and trying to deal with it. Since then my smiles had left my face for sure and it was hard to go on with your days as usual. The mood was at such a low and there was an uncomfortable silence between all of us, nobody wanted to talk about it and it was a hard day to go back to work. It was hard to have a good birthday four days later, when your inside felt like dying. I must say however that I got so many emails and birthday wishes that I had a few smiles on my face that day, even if they were short lived.

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Tracey said...

Glad to hear you had a great Christmas with your kids (love that Christmas morning hair- lol) and your kitties (silly antics and all!).

I really hope that the remainder of 2012 brings you only good health and much happiness. See you in May at Brentwood!