Monday, September 26, 2011

They call this work?

The weekend was just absolutely amazing, two wonderful days at work lol....I mean in the country. Saturday was the annual Donor Appreciation Lunch and with over 80 guests and my "customer smile" I ended up working in the boutique before and after Lunch, even though I was a guest. I don't mind, I don't really call that work. It was nice to meet up with familiar faces and meet new donkey lovers. There were tears, as some of them heard for the first time about the loss of donkeys and some cried because it was "their" donkey that passed away. There were laughter as Adam tried to get an aging crowd into the 21 century with his jokes. There were good news about the weight management group and my Orly was announced as the "biggest loser" with having lost an tremendous amount of weight...way to go Sweetpea! (oh and I found it). There was an update on the destruction of the DSC, as our construction is called right now, and well lots of chit chat going on. The boutique was busy with sales and we took lots of donations in. Just great to see that little plan from 20 years ago grow into this operation of today.
Sunday was  my day to oversee the Open Day, as all staff, except barn staff, was off or out doing promo events. As you can see I left early enough to get there to do a few things before taking on this role and helped with the usual clean up. After a slow  morning it turned out to be a busy day after all and people were out enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures. I met a few really great people and connected with some future volunteers. The highlight of the my day sure was this four year old little girl, who had the most amazing questions, and told me all about the donkey, they sponsored last year and how she had picked a new one for this year. And after every answer to her question the next question was "can we go sponsor Summer now?" and along came the next question about donkey care and for a four year old she sure was inquisitive about how we soak the donkeys hooves, at what point I showed her the little booties we use, she wanted to know everything about everybody in the stalls and why they are there and for how long and if they get better etc. I see future animal care giver here lol....and then finally she went of with her parents so sponsor "Summer". What a cutie she was, and so articulate, just amazing.
Four o'clock came fairly quickly that day and it seemed that I had survived my first alone day without any problems or issues. It sure is great when you work in a great team and everybody is pitching in and supporting each other. Again....a foreign concept to some. lol.


Sharon said...

It sounds like you had a super day! Don't you just love the little kids that are so interested and understanding about things? Wow, that little girl does sound smart!

Tina said...

Oh Sharon she was just amazing, the vocabulary she had and the interest she showed was just blowing me away.