Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A productive day!

Yes that is was indeed, not the way I intended it to be, but nevertheless I had fun while doing it and I could even smuggle in a short game on Facebook every now and then lol. The plan was to declutter my house, and I mean in a big way...I was ready to toss or donate anything that hasn't had a place or any kind of human contact in the last year, things that are kept for yours in boxes and drawers, because you can't part with them. I was going to start in the bedroom, but ended up cleaning out the cupboard beside the couch in the living room, and reorganized it and well it looks actually good, but it was only half a side so still lots to do above and on the other side. However throughout the morning I needed answers to some questions regarding some of the things that will go on this weekend and in the next little while, so I sat down at the computer checking my emails, and besides leaving for maybe 45 minutes to go to the post office and to Staples to get some supplies, I was stuck in front of that computer pretty much all day. I did get a lot accomplished and lots of answers to my questions and some requests and a few mail let the packing begin. Funny when I used to be little I loved playing post office, mailing pretend letters and packages, stamping them etc....looks like I am reverting into childhood again lol, but I will be a pro in advising about postage in no time at all.
So it was a very productive day and things are once again falling into place, not without a little bit of anxiety but well I get over day......soon .....I hope!


Sharon said...

Glad you have been relatively happy in your chores! My big moment, was to try on the UG boots that I bought on clearance last spring. Doesn't sound like much, but first I had to put a lot of things away that were piled on top of them! Pretty good day all around, I would say!

Louise said...

You got a good start, and had fun doing it. What could be better than that?