Saturday, September 24, 2011

Inwards smiles and giggles

Well Friday was an odd day at sure left me once again wondering about things I have suspected and known for so long, but no matter how many reminders we get of that, things will never change and that in itself is laughable. The evening was just getting stranger by the hours and with lots of excuse making on behave of  others, I got out of some peculiar questions. Well at one point, I wish I would have really said what I thought, but that would have revealed way too much and it would have put that person in a awkward position, but one should never be asked by a city counselor how one's life is going lol, especially when I know things that you don't know I know. lol. It could have made for a sticky situation but me keeping my mouth shut just provided me with longtime inwards smiles lol. Maybe the inwards smiles somehow showed up on my face because I had several comments about my smile and about my excellent costumer service skills and  my way of speaking to people lol....well could I have that in writing please? So a potential disasterous evening at work was far more better for me personally than I could have ever thought. So I left that evening with a smile!

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Sharon said...

I suppose it was almost like knowing a great secret! I'd smile too!