Thursday, August 11, 2011

Observations from the Boutique window!

What am I saying, I really didn't have much time yesterday to look out the boutique window, we had another crazy busy Open Day. With close to 300 visitors the place was just buzzing with people. Seems like everybody was enjoying the cooler temperatures, and even thought we had two major downpours in the morning, neither one lasted more than a couple of minutes. The humidity was finally gone, there were some nasty big grey clouds and there was lots of sunshine. We rearranged a few things in the barnyard to give the donkeys a freedom of choice and to address some safety concerns people had. Safety concerns are great and addressing them are not a problem, I wonder however at times where the good old common sense in people went, it's at time like non existing.
We had a lot of volunteers stop by throughout the day to say good bye to Buddy. I know every single one of them left with tears in their eyes. The day before we emailed out to all the volunteers that the decision was made to euthanize Buddy today. He had shown no response to the treatment for EPM and it was ruled out as the likely cause of his neurological problem, the other possibilities were all untreatable and we really saw no other option for Buddy. So he will be getting his fill of carrots and apples today before he will meet his humane ending. What makes it so very hard is that he is still Buddy in his spirit, his demeanor and his charm, but he has no control over his hind quarter and it just isn't fair to him. It's not a life we would want for a donkey or any other animal.
I had a little run in with our "little monster" Sam in the morning and it left me with a bruise and a bump on my forearm. I guess I didn't give him the attention that he was seeking, well at least not until he bit me.
The day was crazy busy with sales in the boutique and there was not a second to stop for a break, I didn't even had enough energy to attend my Zumba class, as I was so tired and exhausted, mainly too because I
didn't even had time to eat anything either. Oh well, sure made up  for that at dinner time..not a very smart move.
Yesterday I finally saw my favourite little man coming through the gates, I had thought of him often since we started the season, as he and his dad used to come quite often on Wednesdays, so I figured they must have moved away or something else changed, so yesterday they finally made it up to see the donkeys and they had indeed moved to another city, not that far away, but too far to just go for a quick visit with the donkeys, as they had done in the past. So it was nice to see the little guy and wow what a difference a year makes, he looked so grown up even though he might only be four now, but he had lost the baby look and showed so much more independence. Made me smile.
Picture of the day from yesterday's visitors....I absolutely love it.
Donny and Hershey up in Halfway Haven....I'm sorry, but of all the donkeys I love, I still think Hershey is the cutest of them all. Wish he wasn't so messed up. :( makes me so sad for him.


Sharon said...

I guess it is good for the donkeys to have lots of visitors and the money they bring in. 300 people though, that's a lot.

Sorry to hear about Buddy, but it is the best for him.

You must remember to eat! (I am sure one to talk, lol!) I know how it is when you are busy.

Melodie said...

That is a terrific picture! How can anybody not smile from ear to ear when they see a donkey,or two!