Monday, August 08, 2011

A great weekend!

After having cancelled a few appointments for Friday, because I wasn't feeling well, I was well enough to enjoy my weekend. Saturday was mostly quiet for the day and in the later afternoon I ventured out to meet with some friends for dinner. We went to a place that was new to me and well the food might have been not the best, but we knew that, the view, atmosphere and company just made more than up for that. With a view over the lake, great friends and great discussions the evening was just absolutely wonderful. We spent a long time there and later our conversation carried over into the parking lot. Lots to talk about, lots to smile about, lots to laugh about and lots to catch up on. Funny when friends notice how happy you are, and constantly comment on it, to the point were I tried hard not to smile all the time. lol. But having certain people around me just makes me smile, because there is such warmth and love that it's really hard not to smile. So I was delighted that it all worked out that we all could for once meet and have some time together. And again I am in a unique position that not many new people find themselves in, and I guess it comes from my own experiences over the years with these people, that I have been included and accepted fully into their circle. Odd but true. :) Funny being the newbie in a group of "oldies", and it has nothing to do with age! lol.


Sharon said...

Had trouble finding you, sorry. I am on dial-up again this morning and I could just scream. My wireless has no signal.

That looks like a really nice place for meeting and eating with friends. Yes, it is nice, when you realize status as "one of the guys". I'm glad you had such a good time!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Made the fight with blogger and dial-up worth while! :-)

Tina said...

Oh Sharon, you crack me up each are too funny. Sorry you are on dial up again. There is a funny commercial about dial up here...where the guys are uploading videos and fall asleep while they wait for the upload, while their wives have a good time conversing and scheming not to tell the guys about high speed internet, so they could have more quiet time. lol...
Well hope you are not fighting with blogger anymore lol.