Saturday, August 06, 2011

A comedic duo

Who would have thought that our two biggest, most distinguished looking donkeys turn out to be the entertainment of the barn on Open Day. During the week you probably can't find either one of them anywhere close in sight, but come Open Day they are ready for action. Somehow word gotten around that the best spot in the barn on the East side is the spot right when you come in to your right by the cold stonewall, especially good on a hot day. So this is were you find our two goof balls, usually butt to butt, with Panne facing the corner and Cocoa hanging his head over the fence, well you need to attract  people first and  you do that by hanging your huge head over the fence and looking pretty pitiful for a big guy, letting out some very pitiful sounds just adds to the effect and you got visitors hooked and they do about anything to make you "feel' better, when all along this was your whole ploy to begin with. Once  you have a crowd gathered around you, you start making faces to entertain the people and they just can't get enough of you. No wonder everybody loves Cocoa. Panne is mostly in the background but never leaves Cocoa's side while he shows off.

(These pictures were taken by our frequent visitor Bonnie, she has tons more on her  Flickr page, check it out)

But they are not only goofy for the public, they are goofy and silly with each other too. The other day they both were at the salt lick, or whatever little was left of it and then they started to lick each others tongues to get more salt of each others.  Oh those silly big boys!


Joan said...

Oh my goodness... so, so funny and precious!

Tina said...

That's your boy, Joan! :)
Everybody who comes out of the barn definitely has Cocoa as their favourite...hmmm wonder why? lol

Joan said...

Can't get enough of the pictures.. do you think you could send them to my email?

Tina said...

Sure can and did last night :)
Are you coming up this year? Cocoa and people keep asking me.