Friday, August 05, 2011

Love birds!

We have a few love birds/donkeys at the DSC. The guys are absolutely devoted to their ladies. At times I feel bad for the boys, because they are stressing out when their ladies are not insight. Especially poor Peter, he never gets a rest, because he is constantly watching over his Katy making sure that nobody else is coming too close to her or that she is not too far away from him. Katy seems to take the doting of Peter in strides. Here is Katy finishing of a roll in the grass, Peter wants to have one in the same spot, but since Katy is heading somewhere else, he doesn't really get a chance to enjoy a little nap in the sun.

Then there are Luna and Sam, after Luna's display of hyperness the other day on Open Day, I wonder if her name Luna is a short form for Lunatic, because she sure was one that day with Sam, so much that we ended up putting them out in the paddock to let of steam, as they were clearly a danger to visitors, running like race horses up and down the lane way and into the office paddock, up the hill, down the hill and down the lane again. At one point I thought Sam was going to wipe out as he clearly cut a close corner around the feeder in the paddock. Well I guess that's Sam making sure he is true to his reputation, I was wondering when I would see the true side of those two little monsters.
Then there is Standard donkey Rebecca and her miniature boyfriend Monte, they have been an item for years, and Monte is never far away from his Rebecca. Here they are enjoying a rest in the dirt and sun.
Everybody's sweetheart Juno is still undecided with what boy donkey she wants to hand out with, she has been seen grooming with Ed and Gordon, but the other day she picked a totally off partner, or maybe he picked her I don't know, I just saw donkey Juno grooming with mule Danny Boy, and Danny Boy really doesn't like anybody, human or animal kind, so it was a little odd to see those two together in such a loving caring way. 
Juno and Ed

Juno and Danny Boy


Louise said...

What cute donkey sweethearts.

Sharon said...

Everybody needs a somebody.... Seems that Juno is a bit fickle though :-)

Danni said...

I love Rebecca and her miniature boyfriend, Monte!!
How fun it must be to watch all the daily goings-on of these relationships! :-)