Thursday, August 04, 2011

The little things

Sometimes an email is all it takes to make your day, and the ones I have been receiving lately sure have made me smile. The biggest smile was brought on today by an email from my dear friend, who I hadn't talked or seen in quite some time now, omg her salutation alone made me laugh out loud, but it sure came from the heart and was very special.
And just as I had the discussion with a fellow volunteer member about how things are and things are great, some things boiled up again that were brewing over the last almost two years, and ever so often flare back up, and it's a big thing to deal with, however if one uses common sense and we see we are all on the same page really, it's just really nothing. Sometimes people need to just learn not to take things personally, and just because we have different realities, doesn't mean you can dismiss the other person's perception. Thankfully enough I seem to be surrounded by wise people that all understand that and accept it as that, but then there is always the odd one that still needs to come to that conclusion on their own, well they are young, they will get there one day too. In the meantime things were stirred up and we are tackling them and bring them to the table so nothing stays unsaid. It sure is an amazing feeling to work at a place were people actually have your back and not smile in your face while they ram the knife in your back. It is so refreshing and so productive. Everybody is there to help you out without being asked or instructed to, it's just amazing how many good people there are in one place. It's a pleasure to work there, and yes not everything is just peachy, but at least we are not there to tear each other apart to furhter our own path. Imagine that concept!!!


Louise said...

You got that right, Tina. Working with people who work together and who are in it for the common good is such a rewarding experience. Now, if only the American Congress could figure that out.

Tina said...

You know Louise it's hard to understand why it is so hard for some....and really it's all just because they have their own agenda instead of a common goal, like they make everybody believe they do. Sad, but true.

Sharon said...

Hi Tina!
When you work with people of like mind, things go smoothly, I know a monkey wrench gets thrown in the mix sometimes, but basically things can be worked out.
Sorry I didn't hunt for this sooner, I just had a bad day.
Have a great weekend!