Wednesday, August 03, 2011

HA HA -that woman is me!

Once again I  have been caught in a compromising position with a very handsome young fellow, good thing nobody knew it was me lol. As I was working at the office yesterday, the question was posed from one staff member to another if they had seen the newest photos that somebody emailed to them. The question was answered with a yes and how much they loved and how incredible that photo of that woman was....I was also asked if I had seen the pictures and I said no and was then summoned to computer to look at the picture. Omg...well the picture was really special and I absolutely loved it and it took me not even a second to say" hey that woman is me" lol and everybody laughed, because they sure didn't recognized me...well thank God! The best part about the picture is that we both have our eyes closed and are enjoying the loving moment. Chaplin is such a good snuggler!


Sharon said...

That's funny! Nice picture of a hug! Quite nice, they were talking about your picture, and it was so special!

Hey! Did you get your timing fixed and how did you do it girl?

Louise said...

So cute. You can tell he loves his lovin'

Tina said...

Sharon, I didn't do nothing, yesterday I noticed that I was lagging only a few hours behind instead of a week, and then when I wenton your blog it was actual right timing, we will see if it holds lol...might just be a fluke.
Louise- yes he definitely loves to snuggle, he does that all the time.