Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back to basics!

Looks like today is a good day to make some changes around here, and I will start my day of with a conflict resolution 1o1 and boy I am looking forward to this one,  it will not be confrontational on my part that's for sure, it will be very matter of fact indeed, and well the other side will hopefully get my drift and in the end it will be a good resolution, after all we are all there for the same reason and nobody is better than another, just because maybe you are more educated in a certain area. After all it comes down to compassion, passion, love and understanding that we are all on the same side. Having the job I have, I am in a very unique situation, and it's one that really is tailored to my personality style, and that's why for once in my life I have no anxiety to go into this meeting, boy who would have ever thought I would have comments like this pass over my lips. Short and sweet.....things were blown out of proportion, feelings were hurt, egos were injured and well all I really have to say's time to get out of the sandbox. The world would be such a good place if there wasn't ego involved in things. Oh boy would that be a different world.
On the blogger front, it has been really frustrating and it will strictly go back to being my own personal journal and ongoing in my world and reminders for myself of the things I have been doing. Those people who are interested in my world will continue to come by for a visit and those few are welcome to do so, I wouldn't write anything I wouldn't be able to tell you face to face to begin with. So it will be just me and my world according to me, nothing earth shattering or interesting or informative, just plainly about me. 
A place for me to vent and exhale.
Lifestyle wise, holy crap, it's time to get back into it, the last few weeks have been horrible and all good intentions have been out the window, there were a lot of emotional trying times, loss of people, loss of interest into pretty much anything else, loss of connections, loss of myself pretty much, and it's time to dive full force back into the things I love to do and the things I need to do. So keeping my fingers crossed that I will get back into the swing of things and work hard on succeeding. 
Though I just pushed the restart button on pretty much everything I do and will start out fresh....woo hoo....ready to dive into the waves of life.

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