Thursday, August 11, 2011

Remembering BUDDY

Buddy was a gray-brown Standard donkey who was born in 1991. He was a very stocky equine with a big chest and thick legs. One need never be nervous around Buddy, since he was easy to get along with at all times. Before coming to the DSC Buddy lived for many years on a farm in Southern Ontario along with a herd of goats and two other donkeys, Daisy and Sunshine. Eventually, however, the goats were sold and the family no longer had the time to care for the donkeys. The people knew that the animals were being neglected and that it would be much better for them if they could be moved to the DSC for lifelong care. They were taken in to the Sanctuary in November 2008.
Buddy sure was a character, always coming up with new things to get visitors attention. I remember this day like it was yesterday, Buddy gave everybody a scare but achieved what he needed..Attention. The donkeys had been chewing on the wooden board on the gate into their side of the barn, it was just the perfect shape to also rest your head in perfectly, but Buddy had to take it a step further, he was resting his head  and letting it sink into the groove and from the weight of his head and the way it was positioned it would severely hinder his ability to breathe, so he made these awful breathing noises and he would do so until somebody come and "rescued" him by cuddling his head in their arms so he could breath better. He wouldn't do that on any other days but Open Days and of course it sounded horrible and everybody rushed in to see him when he was in his predicament.
Buddy was also kwon  for his helicopter ears, he would always walk around with his ears to the side and he had the fuzziest ears of all the donkeys.
He spent a lot of time also out in the lane way on Open Days, always seeking out visitors and looking for someone to brush him. Or to push through crowds of people without regard to get to were he needed to go.
He was just an all around well loved donkey  and he will be sadly missed around the barnyard by everybody.
It was nice to see so many volunteers come out yesterday to say good-bye to him, unfortunately we had to do it through the wire of his stall as we weren't allowed to go in his stall, because he was just so unstable on his feet lately. He didn't respond to the EPM treatment at all and in truth his condition was just deteriorating rapidly. So he will be much better of in Donkey Heaven  where he can run and play again with all this other friends that left before him.
Breaks your heart so, that's for sure.


Joan said...

Yes, it breaks your sad
Thanks for sharing the amusing story about Buddy.. can just picture him doing that.

Melodie said...

Rest in Peace Buddy ,sweet and funny donkey.

Louise said...

I'm sorry, he sounds like a good boy. EPM stinks.

Kerry said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss, take care.He is surely in a better place.