Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Retreat Part 3: I even stitched :)

Sunday we got up early to be the first in line for one of Trish's biscuits, after we missed getting one the morning before, this was not going to happen on Sunday too, after all they are just the best together with her homemade jams...yummy!
I stitched before breakfast and got a little bit further on my butterfly. After breakfast we stitched until shortly after eleven, when it was time to gather for the traditional group photo, which was taken in front of the house this year. After being outside and seeing how nice it was, I went down to the beach for a short walk and to relax in the hammock on the beach. Now that is life as I like it. Oh my I could stay there forever and just veg out. 
Early afternoon the first Stitching Sisters started to leave as the rest of us sat around the table and worked on getting the last few stitches in, some of us were lucky enough to be able to stay an extra day, but unfortunately I wasn't one of them. So with some sadness that another great weekend had come and gone I packed up my things and left around 4pm to get home just in time after dinner...hey I am not stupid, if I would have arrive any earlier they would have expected to get dinner made by me and that was not going to happen :).
So this year I stitched way more than I did last year, and I actually got something to show for...he he here it is....both started here at retreat, but who knows when they will be finished...:)

Les anes de l' Ile d'Oleron....somehow they will be without the light house  :)
and my first butterfly for the Butterfly Project...


Cathy said...

Hello Tine
I have been very lax in coming over to say Thank You for your recent comments.
It sounds as tho' you really did enjoy this past weekend - fun and friendship are two of the best things in life. Responsibilty and the new job can wait for another day lol
Take care

Joan said...

So glad the weekend was such fun!

Pumpkin said...

I'm SO jealous! I miss retreats :o( Glad you had a great time though. Your donkey project DOES look familiar ;o) I think you can easily stitch them without the lighthouse.