Wednesday, June 01, 2011

June 1st!

Wow, hard to believe it is June already, where does the time go?It promises to be a busy month. Only 1 1/2 more weeks to go and it's Donkey Day.

I have most definitely exceeded my book collection and it is time to haul some of my boxes up to the DSC and store them there, you can barely step anywhere in my basement without tripping over books.  There are a few special visitors coming to the DSC this month too, while I will be on duty in the boutique and/or Learning Centre, as our Learning Centre teacher is away on vacation. 
I still have to work on my display boards for the ZUMBATHON for DONKEYS, and get organized with all the things for that. 
Then there is my daughter's High school Graduation and of course in between all of the fun stuff there is always work to keep you on your toes. I can't wait to be done with it for the summer and concentrate on my new adventure at the DSC. Funny how much you can look forward to something, even though it is scarier to me than anything lately, but you know you have support all around you with people that have your back. Can't even describe what a great and freeing feeling that is. Now I just have to work a little bit more on my own trust and faith in me and it will be ok. It is a little bit overwhelming right now, because there is so much catching up to do, but I am sure once I get caught up and filled in it won't be that hard. 
But as for today it looks like a nice day at the Farm and I am sure it will be busier than all the Wednesdays before. Hope everybody has a glorious day!


Sharon said...

Oh it's beautiful - looking outside - but terribly hot out there right now! Summer is here in full force!

Cat said...

The sixth month... And here, the weather looks more like the fourth month. Oh, well. It will change. Soon I will complain about it being too hot, I suppose. Zumbathon. That sounds like fun!