Monday, May 30, 2011

My weekend/Part 2: Stitching Retreat!

Unlike last year the weather was not quite as nice, it wasn't horrible, but it just wasn't great, but that meant one  good thing, that I would actually get some stitching done unlike last year, when I spent most of the days hiking and hanging out at the beach. So this year I had fully intended on having something to show for when I got home. I stitched before breakfast, I stitched right after breakfast all day long and again after dinner. During the day time I stayed in a small group of trusted friends, and we stitched sometimes silently away on our projects up in the bright breakfast area overlooking the lake. In the evening we joined the big group and shared much laughter but of course didn't get as much done. Just like last year we got spoiled by the staff and at times felt guilty while sitting around hearing the familiar sound of dishes clinging as they slaved away in the kitchen for us. The food just like last year was absolutely amazing and unlike last year, I didn't pay attention to what I ate, well my give a damn sure was busted over the last few weeks. Oh well. We also got spoiled by our fellow stitchers again, as Jayne and Kerry made everybody a lovely flatfold with our initals, which was nicely place on our beds upon arrival,

and the "Four from Forest", as they have been lovingly named, made each of us, a too nice to use, crochet dishcloth, all in the colours of Brentwood on the Beach which were neatly placed on our tables at breakfast time with a cute  poem attached to it.

Thank you so much girls ( 4ff and 2fb) for all the lovely gifts. 
In the evening it was time to bring out the wine, but unfortunately wine and stitching doesn't mix well, and some needed a drink because they had messed up so badly on their projects before they started drinking that they sure needed one now, poor Kerry(Hugs). As we were sitting around the big ole table in the evening three of the Four from Forest came down to join us, so you knew something was up, but we had no clue what it was, when all of a sudden "Sister Dyslexia" showed up on the stairs to read us a bedtimes story. Omg, we howled, we laughed so hard, we were in tears as she read us the story of " Rindercella  and her sugly isters". My stomach was hurting so much from laughing after she was done and well I must say I was impressed how she read this story without stumbling over the mixed up words. It was absolutely hilarious and we were glad we had the house all to ourselves or I am sure we would have woken the whole place up with our laughing. Those "Four from Forest" are sure too much at times, omg, I am so glad that they have joined us for the last two years on our retreat. 
And then we had another comedy act on the road with us, omg Kerry's cousin Sharon and her friend Cathy came and joined us from Ottawa, and what a hoot they were and they had me in stitches all weekend long. So there was plenty of eating, drinking, laughing and stitching this weekend that's for sure, and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

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Sharon said...

It sure does sound like a lot of fun! Glad you had a great time!!!