Sunday, May 29, 2011

My weekend/ Part 1: remembering two special little friends

Friday morning, after dropping my daughter of at school, I made my way up to the DSC to work on logging some volunteer hours and getting more familiarized with my upcoming duties regarding that department. It was fun to do and well I am sure once I have done it a few times, it should be a breeze to find my way around the logging system. As soon as I got to the DSC I was informed that my dear friend Cate was going to stop by later in the afternoon for a visit and that I had the final honour of laying two of our special friends to rest. Knowing that Cate was going to be there later in the afternoon, totally changed my plans for leaving early to go up to Brentwood, sorry Stitching Sisters, but I had the whole weekend ahead with you, and I don't get much time with Cate these days anymore, and it was just too important to me to miss just one second of that. So I worked all morning on the volunteer logs and took a late lunch around 1:30pm. Just as I was getting to my car to get it, I saw Cate's car drive up the driveway, gee she almost forgot to put the car in park as she literally jumped out of the car with excitement. We had some catching up to do and well it wasn't all good, but hopefully it will sort itself out and we will have much more time together in the future. We stood a long time in the parking lot and talked about everything, she was absolutely excited for me to have gotten this job at the DSC and she said she will help me as much as possible with some of the Training sessions...woo hoo, couldn't have a better person beside me for that. Honest to God I never  have seen anybody as happy for me as she was, and what a great opportunity and how great it was to have a foot in the door so to speak and well she just went on and on.  It's really nice to know that the DSC is also like a safe place for me and to see all the support one is getting from all sides, it's nice to have no back stabbing and jealousy going on and to all work for the one and only cause and nobody is in it for themselves, and it's amazing what such an atmosphere can produce in accomplishments and reaching goals. Every place should be like that and things would run so much smoother in the end. I mean no matter what job or occupation or position we hold, we all should work for the good of whatever place we work for and not have our own agendas, but some people just don't get it, they want to the top and they don't care whose body they step over, well that's just not me..never was and never will be. I will be always considerate of other's feelings and thoughts, might not be easy all the time, but just how I am.
After visiting with Cate in the parking lot, I asked her if she wanted to go and put Chiclet and Paco's little souls to rest over at Memorial Hill, and of course she did. We got some pictures of the two and the urn with their ashes and walked over to Memorial Hill to spread their ashes. Memorial Hill is a beautiful quiet little place just above the pond on the Sanctuary grounds. It holds many memory stones that people have donated, for loved pets, loved people and loved donkeys. We spread the ashes all around Memorial Hill, put some on their gone donkey companions and remembered them with little silly stories, like how we forgot little Paco inside a stall for the morning one Sunday, because he was so tiny and so quiet and  locked away behind the "old high stall doors",  to be able to eat in peace and quiet and well halfway through the morning when we did head count, we were short a donkey and remembered all of a sudden, that little Paco was still in the stall, never making a sound of complaint just waiting patiently. Or how he would just come running as soon as you called his name at dinner time. And how Chiclet always found the most peaceful places to curl up in and relax and sleep. We shed a few tears and shared  a few laughs
 in our memories and we spent about 30 minutes spreading their ashes. It sure was great, even if it was a so sad at the same time, to see their ashes being returned to their safe haven and being blown in the wind all over Memorial Hill.
After that we returned to the office for a little while, talked some more and then it was time for Cate to spend some time in the barn and me to finish of with my meeting and then get on the way to Brentwood. I left the DSC around four and even though traffic was heavy at times, and I got lost for a little bit, because I was in total unknown territory, I arrived in Brentwood shortly after six, which was way faster than expected. I was the last to arrive, but that was ok, since I had the most special afternoon at the DSC. So it was all good. 
It was nice to be back in Brentwood, nice to see old friends again, and to meet new ones, and it sure promised to be an amazing weekend....and that it be continued.

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