Thursday, March 31, 2011

My first love is turning 30!

Wow, I can not believe that my little baby cousin is turning the big 3-0 today! I remember the day he was born, I was so happy and excited because he was my very first boy cousin. So he was going to be extra special, too I was older and could appreciate a new baby in the family. Unfortunately the excitement turned very quickly into worries and uncertainty of how long we will have him with us. Shortly after his birth it was noticeable that he couldn't eat, swallow or breath right, turned out his windpipe and esophagus were joined together without any separation between the two pipes. So within hours this tiny little creature had to undergo major surgery and it was touch and go for quite a while and he spent the first weeks of his life in the hospital. Of course being in the hospital for so long leaves a mark on everybody and a baby is no exception. When he was finally home it was a big challenge to put him down, because he would just scream merciless at any attempt of laying him down in his crib or stroller and he would totally freak out when somebody was approaching him wearing white blouses or shirts. It took several month until he got all these associations out of his head. I couldn't wait for the weekends when my uncle, aunt and cousin would come down to our place. This little guy had stolen my heart right from the start and I loved him so much. I would spend some summers at their place just so I can spent time with him, I was the built in babysitter and I loved every minute of it. As he got older he was a little challenging bugger, but still  cute as a button, he was hyper, and fearless and well it was tiring and stressfull to do stuff with him. But he sure never lost his cuteness. Now that the is older, he has turned into an absolutely amazing young man, with a bright future at one of Germany's biggest medical institutions and he is just an absolute sweetheart. To this date we are still close and I love him to pieces. We might not see each other that often, but when we get together it's like time didn't pass between us. I think my daughter was just as enthralled with him a few years ago, as I have been with him all my life. He sure is a special kind of guy! So today I am wishing him the very best birthday ever! Happy Birthday little cuz!


Joan said...

Handsome man! My youngest brother was very special to me and he too grew up to be an exeptional person... he's a bit older than your cousin but I know how wonderful that type of relationship can be. Hope his day was happy indeed.

Tina said...

Looks like a good day for a birthday, doesn't it? Bet the girls loved their dolls!