Friday, April 01, 2011

A new month, time to try something new!

With the start of a brand new months, I have it in my mind that it is time for some serious work and some serious changes  around here. Time to get serious, time to get out the "big guns" so to speak, I have done it on  my own now for almost three years and well I can't do it anymore, it's very tiresome and well it's starting to get to me and I question a lot of things, even though I want to have the motivation, something is lacking big time right now and I am not really sure what it is, my mind is clear on what I want  and need to do, I do it physically, but I think I just need this extra kick in the perverbial ass. So time to change things up and try something new, I am not giving up now, as it comes closer and closer to an end. No way no how! I have worked so hard but it is getting harder by the day. I just want to get it over with and I am getting really antsy about being outside and doing things...but the weather just isn't right yet.....I hope things dry up soon and it gets nice and warmer. Oh please before I go insane in here. It's time to step out of the comfort zone and push a little bit harder, but somehow I always find an excuse not too...for the next few's called work. But realistically I have enough time to work on this full time and not slack off all the time. I need some incentive...and right now that is missing big time too. I mean it has been missing all this time anyhow, it just makes it a little bit harder and not really sure what to call it...purposeless?lol, Oh well...I'll get over it one day. So here is too new hope, new adventures, new tries and hopefully a reached goal..... WOO HOO!  Off I go......

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