Monday, January 24, 2011

Ok is it just me or is this f***** up?

On Dec. 26 my Blackberry just gave out, one Dec. 27,  I marched my FA down to the local Bell Centre and got the run around there for the day, left went home, went back there etc, I think I blogged about that and vented back then because obviously somebody didn't know how to do their job and I wasted time and gas to go back and forth, so today the four weeks they said it would take are  up so I just made a call to there to see what was going on....ok get this......the phone has been back since Jan. 12,  and  he made me feel like it's my fault I haven't picked it up yet, since they called and left a message on my cell phone (= broken blackberry) the minute it got in for me to pick it up...duh? Hello????? Am I that blonde? I don't get it......


Terri said...

Wow they have no customer service at all

Sharon said...

Looks like somebody needs a different job, that made no sense whatsoever!

AJ-OAKS said...

Just got caught up with what has been going on with you.
Have to say the customer service with your phone is awful! Geez, it IS their job, they chose to work there. therefore they should DO their job!
Ooooh, love the coffee machine. Makes me want to go make some coffee.
How are the donkeys doing? How big is Odin now? How is Hershey?

Tina said...

Terri- so true...I can not wait til my contract is up and I can shop around for better service and definitely better customer service.
Sharon- well and that was one of the nice guys talking in there, that usually knows what he is doing...I hate going back there, but really have no other choice at the moment.
Cindy- The donks are fine, all nice and fluffy to keep warm, Odin is in the main herd now and a real charmer, he is such a little bugger, when you go over to the east side, to get a donkey to groom he always tries to tag along to sneak back over to the other side lol. Hershey is fine and cute as always. He has been behaving himself too so that is a good thing. :)