Sunday, October 17, 2010


This morning I had a meeting at the Donkey Sanctuary to attend. I got there a little bit early so I spent some time down in the barn with some of the donkeys. Buffy was out  and about, but in a very cranky mood, and she wouldn't even let me near her, not sure what that was all about. So I just let her be and went over to the gate to talk to one of the other volunteers, as I was leaning there, Cocoa approached the gate, not his cute face, but his little butt is what he wanted to have padded, he was rubbing it against the gate until I finally clued in and gave in and scratched his butt for the next 15 minutes...well he definitely was enjoying it. Then it was time for the meeting, which took place in the sunroom of the house. It was kind of a post season wrap-up meeting, first we talked about numbers, even though the visitor numbers were down a little bit from last year, the money intake was up, that included the gate donations and the boutique sales, which were about $ 4000 more than last year alone. So that was great news. We talked about what worked, what didn't work, what we could improve on and what we could eliminate and it was a very productive meeting. We got lots accomplished, it's great when all people are on the same side and it really needs not much of a further discussion than yes lets do this and no let's not do this. After that talk, we dismissed the Welcome center people, and it was just the three of us for the Boutique, we came up with a whole lot of new things to try, old things to keep and things, well things we don't want to do again. Looks like I am working two of the Open Days in December and be back in the boutique next year, that is if not a student wants the hours, really it wasn't about the job as a job, it was a job in a great place, but I would just be as happy if not happier in the barn volunteering those days. So we will see, I left my options open.
After the meeting I got my things out of the office and we had a quick chat about the "road trip" next Saturday. Looks like three of us going and two donkeys, we are taking Paco and Trooper. It will be there trial run too for the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, I believe in November. Both of them have been training hard walking and being more cooperative, but with a donkey you just never know lol.  Also works are going on for next Donkey Day already, and lots of ideas are floating around and lots of work needs to be done for that again.
After all this chit chatting I finally went back down to the barn to do some chores and hang out with the donkeys. Helia and I cleaned the dark side hill and made it safer for the donkeys to walk down again. I picked the barnyard and got side tracked by giving Solo a belly rub. Oh my, once you start you can't stop, he will stalk you every step you take away from him. It's funny, he gets like most donkeys get when you rub their ears,  his ears go back, he stretches out his neck and his bottom lip just goes a mile a minute, sometimes he looks like he is not able to take it anymore, just too much pleasure...but watch out when you I spent some time with Orly and the other donkeys out on the special needs side. As I was leaving I was kind of stuck by the garden paddock watching Buffy, Juno and Orly. Buffy seemed to be in a better mood as early in the morning and was actually a little goof ball, well all of them were, I tried to take some pictures but this is  what I could come up with...they just wouldn't stay away.





Inger said...

It's really fun to read about a cooperative and caring rescue. And the pics are so adorable. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the trip. --Inger

Anonymous said...

Martina...I never realized just how cute donkeys were until I started reading your blog. Thanks for sharing all these amazing pictures. And you can tell how happy working with them makes you.

sunset pines farm said...

sounds like a lot of rubbing gets dished out when you are around...and the little guys know it!!

Jodie said...

OMG too cute!

Louise said...

I enjoy hearing about your enjoyment of the donkeys and the rescue. Sounds like they really have their act together. Those pictures, by the way, are just wonderful.

AJ-OAKS said...

It's always wonderful to hear of an organization that bands together and works well together.
How is Odin doing? Love those donkey pics.

Tina said...

Inger- even though it will be something totally new for me and causes great anxiety...I am looking forward to the road trip with the donks.
Mina- they are just so sweet and lovable, and you can't help not loving them due to their personalities and their smartness and just because they are so cute.
Polly-oh do they ever know is the little neighbours donkey? A friend of mine just posted a picture of her and a day old donkey baby in her arms on FB..I am so jealous lol.
Jodie- yes they are...did you ever get a chance to go to Primrose? I didn't :(
Louise- Thanks for the nice comment. Yes it sure seems like an amazing group of likeminded people and yes like always there are a few that think they know better when they really don' should always have all the facts before making any judgements or comments....being involved in so many different aspects at the DSC now, makes it for me so much easier to be on the right side, not that I ever was on the wrong side lol.
Cindy- Odin is doing pretty good, he is just such a ham, always full of mischief and looking for trouble, typical little boy. I will post a pic of him soon, one that the operation manager took, it is too cute...he sure loves our barn cats.