Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crossing a few stitches!

I finally got some stitching done again yesterday and I am very happy for that, as it seems even though I would have all this spare time, I just don't stitch enough, and as I am stitching one thing I am thinking about what I would really like to stitch on next and so on and nothing really gets done, because then I get so frustrated with the one thing I am stitching that I loose all interest and just don't stitch....wonder why that is...I bet it has something to do with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder lol or maybe it could just simple be the Number nine showing it's ugly head of procrastination. I don't know....maybe both. But so yesterday I finally finished one of my Christmas ornaments, woo hoo, but others finish that in a day or two, I have been stitching on it for weeks...that's sad, but well it's on to the next one. I really should start the one for the Cross stitch group too, haven't even chosen one I better get my butt in gear and figure out what I want to stitch for that. Oh the choices are endless, the time is limited and well the drive to do  so right this moment is next to non existing...that should be fun....was it for Christmas this year? Or does it go like it always goes with stitching?.....Nobody really stipulated a year, did they? Well sitting here blogging doesn't help my cause off I go to get a few things accomplished before heading to a new adventure on the farm, which should be very interesting and sure testing my skills, I hope I do better there than I do at home with my own...but maybe that will get me motivated lol...fat chance for that.....he he he...once again people seeing something in me that I am not sure if I am capable of doing lol...but I give it a try...better try and fail than not having tried at all. Right?


Sharon said...

Projects - some I can't wait to finish and some, well, I get bored and want to do something more exciting. Some things are never finished. LOL!

Very cute ornament!

Jules said...

I am in love with that WIP!

I hear ya about getting the stitching done and having a lot of time. Now that I am finished with my MA program, I have more time to stitch, but can't seem to get back into it. Slowly but surely...