Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A beautiful afternoon, where else but at the DSC!

Today I had my first volunteer day in the Office of the DSC. I got there a tad early just so I could hand out with some donkeys too, most of the donkeys were out in the paddock grassing and sunbathing, the sun was nice but not strong enough to keep the chilly wind at bay and it was mighty breezy and cold. I was standing at the fence by the parking lot just watching, when Franco, Pablo, Bob Ray joined me and were fighting over my attention, France gave up quickly and Pablo was there for a nice ear scratch and left shortly after. So it was just Bob Ray and me hanging out at the fence.

Well I had a fantastic day in the office, my job is just the best right now, and it looks like a lot of fun, but it is also very time consuming and tidies, so no wonder nobody in the office has time to do it, but it will definitely be a fun project and I got right into it. My project involves getting the Grooming log for the tack room up to speed for the volunteers. I have to take every donkey, get their bio, get photos of their heads and body, and list any physical characteristics and make notes about their behaviours. I will surely know everybody by the time I am done  with it very up close and personal. So I will have to spend also some time in the barn with the barn manager and talk with him about the donkeys and take pictures of the ones we don't have suitable ones already....looks like a really hard job to me lol. I need a good head shot and a good body shot of every donkey on the farm. 
The other part of my project in the office is to organize all the donkey pictures, and I am talking hundreds and hundreds of pictures of every donkey, donkeys in action shots, donkeys with people, donkeys in groups, donkeys and other animals etc...the list of folders is long. 
I have already learnt so much today and seen pictures, that nobody really gets to see, pictures of some of the donkeys on their arrival and how they are now, e.g. how bad Anu's feet were when she arrived, we are only always seeing the outcome after they have been treated, but I never really seen the state that some of these animals arrive in. Really sad. I have seen how poor little Peaches had to hobble along all her life until she was finally relieved from pain through euthanasia. i have seen lovely pictures of Cate with Augusta, how she cuddled and loved her before her death. Seen Odin when he was just a few hours old etc. So there will be lots of pictures to go through and to look at and I am looking forward to doing that. Hey I do that a lot of times at home too when I just tinker around on the PC. So it will be fun.
The time sure just flew by and it was time to leave, but of course not without stopping by in the barn, actually to log in Volunteer hours, but it is always a good excuse to be all alone with the donkeys, since it was after four already. Juno came up to me as I called her name and we cuddled a little bit in the barn. I hugged Orly, and visited  with Tibet. Everybody is really worried about Tibet, who is one of the three escapees from a couple of months ago, she is not healing well at all. I know they have a meeting about her on Thursday with the vet and things need to be decided. I just hope there is a solution for a positive outcome. She is such a cute little donkey, so sweet and agreeable and gentle. Of course I couldn't leave the barnyard without giving Solo a belly rub. So I got my Donkey TLC and was set for the day. At the parking lot I met up with Helia and we chatted a little bit about the donkeys and then we realized that it was getting friggin cold and it was better to head home and off we went.

Well I got another job offer from the DSC, but really my first instinct answer is "no", but then it would really be something I would love to do, but I know it is something that would just cause me such anxiety each time, that i am not sure if it is worth the discomfort and the mental anguish! If I was any other person but my introverted self, I would say yes. Well I don't have to decide right away, i will ponder about it some more. It is definitely something I would love to do, if I only could. Arrrghhhh!!!!!


Anonymous said...

what is the new job? If you know you will luv it maybe you should just go for it! You will adapt

Sharon said...

Trust your first instinct - unless you want to grow. I hope I make sense. Sometimes it takes getting out of your element to find something you really could be happy with. That said, if it's too far out, you may never be comfortable and begin to hate it. Best to sleep on it and chew on it a while.

Denise said...

I always say when I retire I want to do something I like. But, you have the opportunity to do that now? Take some time and think about this. If you will love it - should you wait? Or is it fear?

As Grandpa always said - Sleep on it!

Jodie said...

I've had anxiety problems a lot for the past year or so, and I've agreed to a lot of things without thinking and then suffered a great deal because of it. But I've always gotten through alive and think that I'm glad I persevered. Although after the last event I decided that I wouldn't say yes again. It's a TOUGH call!