Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today one of my oldest friends, literally oldest (she is going to kill me for this), is celebrating a big birthday. So I am wishing her the very best for today and for all the years to come. 
I hope I look as good as she does when I am that old lol.

Happy Birthday Betty!

Betty and I have been friends since our boys were in Kindergarten together, she is one of the first friends I made in my new home country and even though we don't live as close as we used to, we are always never more than a phone call away. We have shared some very good times and some very sad times, I have been pissed off with her and she with me, but it never ever put a dent into our friendship and care for each other. So it is only appropriate today that we will spend her day together, after all she didn't want a big Birthday party, even though that age really dictates one, but that's not her. So after work I will be taking her out for lunch and then just hang out and do whatever comes to mind.


polly's path said...

a sweet birthday tribute to a sweeter friend!
Sunday was my birthday and I spent it with China in the field, literally the entire day. With my husband at work there was nobody home to remind me it was even my birthday, and that night I walked in and my phone rang and it was one of my oldest friends. It felt good to cry and laugh with her, we hadn't talked in over a year. Aren't we fortunate to have such special ladies in our lives? I know I am.

Sharon said...

A great toast to your friendship! Happy Birthday to Betty! One year , every single one of my old friends remembered my birthday and called or sent gift an best friend is one who will help you hide the body, and she sounds like a great one!

Canyon Girl said...

What a special tribute to your old friend and what a wonderful birthday gift to honor her on your blog. I have a friend in Sweden -- we've been friends since we were six. She just had her 70th birthday and it amazes me how long we have known each other.

Tina said...

Hi Polly....happy belated birthday! Yes nothing is better than supportive friends, ones you can cry with and laugh with and be silent with without it being a uncomfortable silence. I am sorry about your China, I read your blog today, looks like she is making small improvements thanks to your love and care. Hope she continues to get better. Hugs Tina
Sharon- oh yes we have hidden plenty of bodies together lol....
Inger-Friends go make the world a better place...and sometimes the distance doesn't change anything between really good friends...nice that you can go back that far with an old friend.