Saturday, October 16, 2010

A F T E R !

So my little melt down, in the middle of the afternoon, kind of threw everything of balance and I didn't get anything done that I had set out to do today. I am glad this little incident happened after the tots programs this morning and while  thehockey group was on the floor, so by the time they were finished two hours later, I was back to my after meltdown state, funny what you can come up with in two hours and how you never get those moments back...I took my stitching to work with me, with the intention of finishing one of my ornaments during my hours inbetween the morning and the afternoon, but I decided instead to take my online quiz, which had a tiny part in being a little trigger of the upcoming event...But after talking with J. and another good friend, I am pretty  much back to my old self until the next time....I really need to get my shit together when it comes to this...So as I am back home right now I am looking forward to some girls fun out tonight with some friends and some wine and hopefully some laughs.
Tomorrow I will be spending some time with my favourite donkey girls and hopefully will see Buffy walking out and about again. She has to be a little better by now. Can't wait to find out. It seems like forever since I have seen them all. I will make sure I bring some carrots or apples too.


AJ-OAKS said...

Just caught up with what has been going on with you. Quite a lot! You do realize you are stronger than you think don't you? Your strength comes through in your blog.
Oh, and we are all entitled to mini meltdowns. Shhhhh, I had one this morning and then got really mad about it!

Sharon said...

I hope you're out having a blast tonight and letting off steam! Have fun at DSC tomorrow! Don't forget the carrots!