Sunday, September 05, 2010

Throwing me for a loop!

Aaaahhhhh!!!!! HELP!!!!! NOW WHAT????? Well this is really throwing me for a loop, this was an adventure I was planning of getting myself into at the beginning of the summer, but I never heard anything about it, so I assumed it was a no go, but I guess I was wrong as I  finally got a confirmation email in my inbox the other day, now this really is making me rethink a few things, I guess I will have to put a few things on the back burner for now, just to see how I will be able to cope and manage this new task. In all honesty I haven't really thought about it that  much and still have not checked out the package they sent with it, that should tell you something lol. Should be interesting to say the least in so many different ways. Oh boy! Why do I keep doing this to myself? Arrrgggghhhh! Well I am off to the Farm this morning, hope everybody will enjoy this Sunday, should be nice and cool and well at least it's sunny and so much better than the rainy day yesterday. Have a good one!


Louise said...

Well, I can't quite figure out what your adventure will be, but, whatever it is, have fun with it. Most adventures end up being enjoyable.

Sharon said...

Can't help if we don't know what is going on..... I'm sure it will be fine, everything works itself out!
Happy Sunday!

Tracey said...

I love you conundrums! Don't know what the hell you're on about but still fun!!!!xxx

Tina said...

Not really ready to talk about it....have to maul it thru in my brain for Tracy...gee had to look up what conundrums are...never heard that word ever before....learn something new every day. Thanks you guys lol