Saturday, September 04, 2010

My Friday - this is how fast it goes.....

..but I guess downhill, figuratively speaking, is always faster than an upwards climb. So I started of my Friday with a lovely breakfast with a close friend at one of my favourite breakfast places in town. The choice was like always hard and a few new items on the menu, I stuck to an old favourite which I hoped was not "too bad" for the diet plan, but eating out always poses a little bit of a risk and somehow even though one thinks it's not that bad, once you check the nutritional's oh shit...I should have not eaten that. But since it's the morning after weigh in we have all week to make up for it with eating healthy lol....well at least that's the plan...but like Sharon always says....Human plans...God laughs...and somehow I am starting to see that, but hey at least I can say I tried.  After breakfast I had a few errands to run, and then I was off to drive to my friend's J. place down by the lake, well for some odd reason I got there really early, so I had some time to spend down by the lake, well the lake sure looked very depressing and dreary, pretty much how I felt after my visit. Grrrrrr.....funny I went there with not really anything particular on my mind but when I came out I had so many more questions and things to reflect on that I cared to know about....awww the joy of the ever working mind. To make me feel better I decided to take the long way home and stop by the donkeys from the other day, but since the weather was so bad they were not out, well at least it made me feel good to know that those people take care of them in a loving way and not had them out in the pouring rain. The rest of the day I spent at home just thinking and thinking and thinking and well still wondering where the shut of button to my brain is at times.
Lake Erie on a dreary day.

Well talking about feeling better, when I feel like that I always try to find 10 things I am grateful for that very day, sometimes it is really hard to come up with even five, but if one appreciates the little things then it's not really that hard.....coming up with my list yesterday I had to chuckle at one of the things a dear friend of mine came up with the other day, when I posed the questions to them and they were struggling to come up with anything and after I explained that it didn't have to be anything earth shattering or big, this was one of their gratitudes..."I am grateful that the elastic in my underwear didn't give out today".....hey whatever sure made me I am grateful for the sense of humour some of my friends have. 

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Sharon said...

Diets! Ugh! Just eat whatever you want to and anything you want to - as long as there is no sugar, flour, oil (or equivalent) in it or on it. Try to think of it that way.

That picture does look pretty dreary!

Today, I am grateful for a cooler, less humid day!