Friday, September 03, 2010

A donkey in the Meadow

A donkey in the meadow
is a pleasure to behold.
Be it sweet, shy and retiring
or brash and just plain bold.
A beast of burden some may say
but what know they of Donkeys
other than they bray.
They do not see long ears of brown, muzzle gray, 
tiny hooves, soft eyes that say
I'll be your friend and come when you call
and if asked to work, I'll give it my all.
But I rather be in a field of green
grazing, frolicking, just being seen.
Enjoying treats and being told
a Donkey in the meadow is a pleasure to behold.

~Doreen Hawton, April 2004~

The other day I went out with my friend to a super huge thrift store in a tiny little village, on the way there we passed some horse farms, lots of fields and meadows, in one meadow I spotted some donkeys, so on the way back we stopped there and went to the fence, actually there were about 10 cows, ten beautiful big horses and about 8 donkeys all in the same field, the donkeys of course came right over to the fence and enjoyed a few ear scratches from me. There was a little donkey, maybe half a year old and he looked just like our Odin when he was little, all white with this big afro on his forehead, very cute, his mother was a dapple gray donkey, as for the rest of them, they were all very tall, dark brown standard donkeys, just my favourites. Across the street was another little farm area with two horses and a huge paddock with one miniature donkey mommy and her baby, omg was he ever cute. I bet he wasn't much older than two months. He was a bugger to his mommy though, always biting on her and chewing her face off. His fur was still so wooly and fluffy, he was just adorable, and his hoofs very just oh so tiny. I could have just donkeynapped him. I definitely will go out there again for a visit and check on them.


Melodie said...

What a sweet discovery! I don't think I have ever seen a baby donkey around here,lots and lots of grown ones..

Louise said...

What an adorable little bugger.

Tracey said...

Lovely poem & story. I agree with Louise an adorable little bugger! xxx

Sharon said...

Very sweet poem!
That baby is cute and anything!

AJ-OAKS said...

Loved the poem!

Oh my gosh can that donkey baby be any cuter?! Adorable.

Canyon Girl said...

I love the poem too. And you must have been thrilled to find these cute donkey foals on your trip.--Inger