Thursday, September 02, 2010

What are you guys doing?

First I was going to call this entry " Cocoa, the instigator", but then that would single out one lovely smart donkey, and even though it looked like he was the ringleader, he sure had lots of willing participants and I can't put the blame on him alone (lol), and even Earl Grey was in the line up, and he usually walks to is own drums. There must have been some donkey talk going on all afternoon down in the barn, I don't know I was up in the boutique, so I really don't know what happened in the barn, but somehow the donkeys must have put some thought into this, and a very smart one I might add, because how else could you explain this? As everybody knows, even the donkeys, the carrot walk takes place every Open Day at 3:30 pm, usually by 2:30 the donkeys get a little bit anxious and excited and restless and can't wait for the carrot walk to begin. Well yesterday, there must have been a rumor, or somebody changed the time or who knows what  really happened to make them pull this stunt. But as I am working away in the boutique with some customers I heard this commotion going on, that usually is a sign that the carrot walk is taking place, I looked at my clock and it was only 3:15 pm, so too early for the walk, but here they came, over the hill always Cocoa up first and all the donkeys single file behind him, and I am talking about every single one of them, happy as can be to be on the carrot walk,  only one problem, there was nobody in front of them carrying the carrot bucket. They must have thought that they will outsmart Chantal and get there before she even starts the carrot walk and just wait for her or maybe they just wanted to get a head start on her. It was too funny, just like an every Open day carrot walk without carrots and staff person....a couple of minutes later I saw Chantal with the "swisher" getting them all back into the barnyard to finally start the carrot walk at the proper time. Really wonder what made them decide to go on their own carrot walk? Oh what silly, but oh so smart, donkeys.
After the carrot walk most of the donkeys stayed out in the field to graze, when I was leaving three of the donkeys came in, on light brown one, who I wasn't really sure who it was in the beginning until I kept watching the donkey. Well half way back to the barn, this donkey stopped and looked back into the field, nobody was following her. Still not sure who it was I finally clued in, it was Uma, waiting for her best friend Spice, but Spice was still out grazing and was in no rush to come in, so  Uma waited a few minutes and then got impatient. She let out one big long bray  and all of a sudden you saw Spice trotting in from the field. And with Spice came a few other ones, while some chose to stay out in the field, or hide out in the shelter out there, and some just made their way slowly back into the barnyard,will a roll in the dirt here and a roll in the dirt there, a nibble on the fence and some more grazing. As I drove up the lane way to head out, I saw Buffy with Dolly and Ms Jenners in the shelter. Glad Ms Jenners got a few friends, she looked so unhappy on Sunday being back with the main herd, after spending most of the summer on the special needs side.

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Sharon said...

I suppose the donkeys figured that it was past the time, if they are anything like my dogs, they tell the time by where the sun and shadows are. (Daylight saving "bounce" really messes with their minds!)