Monday, September 06, 2010

At the Funny Farm.....

Well maybe I will refer to the DSC from now on as the Funny Farm, just because the donkeys are just such characters that can make you laugh with all their little antics and way of being, there is never a dull moment and plenty of "awwww" moments and always something that just makes your heart smile.
7:45 am on my way to the farm, t-shirt and jeans, not a cloud in the sky but a   slight chill in the air, well the weatherman said it was going to be around 24 C and well I went with that, but on my way up to the farm, it was getting darker and darker and well soon enough it started to drizzle. By the time I arrived at the farm, it had stopped and the sky was covered with dark and white clouds and the occasional hole for the sun to peak through, all the donkeys were out in the fields, enjoying the cooler temperature and the fact that it was not raining. But because it rained heavily the day before it was muddy as always. Well getting out of my car I was cold, it was definitely cooler there than at home, but I thought in no time I will be working up a sweat anyway by doing chores, and a saying my dad always used to say came to my mind...."who is cold while working...isn't working hard enough", so I kept that with me all day and every time I felt cool I thought I need to work harder....and I worked hard at least most of the morning, I picked out the Garden Paddock, got hay from the upper barn for the donkeys that will spend the day in there, when I went to open the door to the barn, the three barn cats were all curled up in the hay sleeping, it was so cute, and even me coming in to get a bag of hay didn't seem to bother them,  they just lifted their heads for a moment and went back to sleep. It was like always a little bit tricky to get certain donkeys in the paddock while trying to keep others and the sheeps out, but with a little bit of maneuvering we managed to get Gordon, Juno, Solo and Jacques in there, while the three little amigos Sable, Pansy and Poppy almost pouting, wandered back down to the barn. Maybe that' s why they didn't come around me all day  because they were mad, usually Pansy is my best buddy throughout the day. I cleaned the lane way and barnyard, and helped Helia with the dark side, which she made the comment that this reminds her of when it was just Sandra ( the founder of the DSC) and her doing chores each day, and that seems such a long time ago. Helia has been a volunteer at the DSC for over 11 years, she is such an amazing person and she loves them all so much. After having done all the mucking out Helia and I cleaned the water buckets and made sure everybody had clean fresh water. Poor Buddy is still on stall rest, and so is my sweet Orly, she has an soft tissue injury in her front leg, unlike Buddy, who is quite content in his little stall, she is not a very happy camper, and I saw her a few times backing up against the wall, putting her ears back and hobbling full force against the gate and she brays and brays and brays. I spent a lot of time with her in her stall and over the fence, just cuddling and hugging her. I could do that all day, but there are things to be done, poop to scoop, people to talk to and staff to help.
Cate was getting Buffy and Dolly from the dark side but Odin being in love with Buffy, he has liked her all winter long and was her constant companion before Dolly came along and hogged Buffy,  he was quite happy to see her and was all over her, Buffy was not very happy about that, so Cate asked me to halter Odin and take him for a walk so she could finish up with Buffy in peace and quiet. So Odin and I walked up the lane way and visited Pat at the Welcome Center and Alison in the boutique, we stopped and visited with visitors, and we checked out the new arrivals over the far fence and I must say Odin was really walking nicely on the lead, wasn't like he was walking me, but we were walking together. After twenty minutes we came back and he sure deserved a carrot for being such a good boy.
I spent some time watching the donkeys in the Garden Paddock and talking with people at the fence. Jacques really has been looking well the last few weeks, and one wouldn't think he was such a sick donkey boy. His fur is nice and shiny  and even his erratic behaviour has subsided a little bit, mind you he still is always on a mission and walks through you instead of around you, but that's a donkey for you. lol. Solo enjoys his belly rubs more than his ear scratches, Gordon is just the cutest with his silly face at times, and oh my sweet Juno, she really was the highlight of my day again and she made this day just perfect. As I was coming back from lunch, I walked up to the fence of the Garden Paddock, Juno was at the back end of it, and I called her, she looked up and brayed, and I called her again and she came trotting to the fence to me, omg
At one point in the afternoon I found myself on the dark side, and I don't know what was wrong with me today, but I was for some odd reason really  nervous around all of them, maybe it was too, because they were all over me like nobody could get enough attention and they all wanted it at the same time, so I was in the midst of them and always keeping an eye on Juliet, who can be so assertive at times, and she was getting a little bit too close for my liking, so I tried to get out of the dark side, but I was kind of cornered in, they were kicking each other away, trying to get their spot for an ear scratch and a brush. Not sure why, but Cargo was all over me  too, and I guess I didn't give him the attention he wanted, so he resorted to biting me in the back. So that was  my subtle hint it was time to get out of the dark side.
I spent time in the tack room preparing the carrots for the carrot walk and got a few cut up for  the donkeys in the Garden Paddock and got to feed them.
I was also asked yesterday how I feel working in the winter at the DSC, and I said I am up for it, apparently we are going to have a few open days in December, which I think is just great, Christmas time with the donkeys, what could be more heartwarming and comforting. I can't wait, I am sure it will be idyllic and oh so beautiful, and for once  I wish for snow in December, just because that would make it even more beautiful. I mean cold is cold, so might as well have it look wintery too and the donkey don't seem to mind the snow at all.


Louise said...

Ohhh, it will be cold and damp, working with the donkeys in the Winter. But, worth it. There is something about being in a barn, with the snow falling outside, that just seems right.

Tina said...

Louise-you are so right, somehow that picture alone creates warmth in one's heart. I have been there in the winter last year...and yes it was f****** cold. lol...but all worth it, that's for sure.

Sharon said...

Just start stocking up on long underwear, snow boots, ski masks etc. I just hate winter, snow and cold - but that is just me.

How's the bite in your back? Just a T shirt on, did it break the skin? I hope it's ok.

AJ-OAKS said...

Alright, when are you going to be owned by donkeys of your own? They are fabulous, wonderous, loving clowns. Life without longears is not an option. Once you have them in your life, well, your hooked!