Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Evening of Laughter

Ok, I will admit I am not the biggest Jerry Seinfeld fan, even though I have watched his shows I could really just come up with "it's ok" at the best, but seeing him live yesterday evening in London, omg he was hilarious, and I cried tears at times at his descriptions of marriage, men and women and raising children. It is always so true and it makes it really laughable, because in reality everybody goes through it just we really fail to see the humour in it at any given time,  until a comedian spells it out for you. I really did enjoy the evening despite the company I kept. Well I put myself pretty much trough anything to see good comedy and laugh at daily life happenings. It really was a great show.


Trina said...

I have a DVD of his somewhere and it made me laugh so hard too! Glad you enjoyed the show and hope you have a good weekend!

Louise said...

He's never been one of my favorites either, and I'm glad to hear that he's much better in person. Glad that you had lots of laughs.

Sharon said...

I always change the channel when he comes on, maybe it is just the sit-com. Glad you had such a good time. Laughter is good for you!

Canyon Girl said...

I never watched his show, but I was so happy to see LAUGHTER mentioned in you post title. You have had a sad time, so I'm glad you went out and enjoyed yourself.--Inger

Tina said...

Trina-I have that DVD too, never watched it yet...always wasn't sure about him, got it for AH for a birthday years ago....still in it's packaging. lol.
Louise- definitely better in person.
Sharon-Laughter is the best medicine, that's for sure.
Inger-funny how close sadness and laughter can be, on Friday afternoon when I was telling a dear friend about Augusta, I had tears in my eyes but remembering the silly pictures and her antics made me smile at the same time. Sigh!