Friday, June 25, 2010

Stuffing my face

The title would be fitting for me right now too, but this is for once not about me.
Over the last few days we had some new visitors in the backyard come for breakfast. There is a little bunny hopping around through the flower bed and besides the squirrels we have all of a sudden a few chipmunks joining the seed buffet under the birdfeeder. But this little guy actually made it up to the deck to fight with the squirrels and blue jays for peanuts. At one point this little guy stuffed five peanuts in his cheeks and took of and was back for more a few minutes later. Wonder where he took them all? Of course this new spectacle on the deck in front of the patio door is pure cat entertainment and I had four out of the five sit with their noses pressed against the window and waving tails like crazy watching it all. Didn't seem to bother nobody on the other side of the glass though.