Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remembering Augusta-all good donkeys go to heaven!

From the first day I met Augusta in December 2009 she had stolen my heart. She was a very pretty tall dark brown standard donkey. She was so curious and had to check everything out that was going on in the barnyard. I remember in the winter when I was doing my chores in the barn lane, she would always come and of course I would stop and pet her or rub her ears, which made her very relaxed and she would just lean with all her weight against me, making me loose footing plenty of times.  She had the softest forelock and I just loved running my hand through it. When I leaned against her to put my arms around her neck she would put her head on my shoulder and just rub against my face. I loved her Donkey hugs. She didn't really like it too much being brushed, or maybe I should say only liked certain spots to be brushed. When I brushed her she would always start walking away till her butt was right in front of me and if I brushed it, she would stand still forever, but as soon as I went forward on her body again she would do the same thing again, walk away till the brush was at her butt. Sometimes she would scare me, because I would be standing there and she would just back up into me, now normally when a donkey backs up to you, it's not really a good sign, but all she wanted was a butt scratch. I used to stand in front of her, with my hands under her mask and massage both her cheeks and she just totally loved that. I did that yesterday with her too as I was sitting with her in the sand pit.
Every time I went to the DSC I would always notice right away when she wasn't there and was on  one of her many visits to the hospital, it was so empty there without her. I will miss that sweet face so very much. What a brave little sweetheart she was.  Rest in peace my sweet Augusta.

   Augusta in Halfway Haven
          "Did somebody say my name?"                                                        
The final good-bye with Augusta

What a sweet donkey!

After I wrote this blog I received an email earlier  this morning from the DSC to let everybody know of Augusta's passing. This afternoon I received another email from Kim herself telling me about Augusta this morning, she really was sent off to the better place with lots of love and care, and I know there were plenty of tears for her. Her former owner, with whom she had lived for five years before coming to the DSC, until circumstances didn't allow them to properly care for her extensive medical problems, came by this morning to say their good-bye. She really was a special donkey and so many cared for her so much. Kim attached a photo to the email that one of the staff took of  her yesterday afternoon. It made me cry, it's the first time really that I have seen Augusta without a mask on, she was even prettier than I already knew she was. 


DebH said...

Very fitting tribute and obviously she was love much! So sorry....she must of been a wonderful friend.

Inger said...

She was such a pretty donkey and so young. She knew you loved her. I'm so sorry for your loss.--Inger