Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome to my hometown...

Cool, found this video the other day, wow sure brought back some memories, like I don't know how many times my dad took me to the Motocross sand races at the stadium, or how many times I walked through the old high bridge on my way to and from school, we lived just a few corners behind the bridge, or how many times I hung out with friends on top of the bridge, there is actually a horseshoe print on the outside of the top of the bridge, when some rode their horse of the edge of the new bridge a long long time ago.
We also have the biggest BMW production plant, which gives jobs to 21000 people in a town of just over 15000 in population, you sure don't want to be anywhere near there when the shift changes occur, it is maddening. It always has been automotive city since the 1940s when the tiny little GOGOMOBILE was invented there.


Louise said...

Sure looks like an active town. Memories of when you were growing up are precious.

I wanted to come over and thank you for following my blog. Always nice to make new friends.

I had to laugh, though, because I went to your other blog first. Oh dear, I thought, I don't read German. It took me a "duh" moment to think to come to this blog.

AJ-OAKS said...

When my youngest daughter went to Germany last year, she went on the BMW tour.She wanted to go to the Porsche plant, but the tours are booked a long time in advanced.
That was neat about the horseshoe print on the bridge.