Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well I am not really a great believer in horoscopes and things like that, but since it shows up on my homepage every time I log in, I tend to read it just for the heck of it. Sometimes it couldn't be more far fetched from what I am actually doing or what I am about, but sometimes it's freaky accurate, e.g. and I just read the Friday horoscope last night, but this is partial what it read for me..."You've got to make a big decision regarding a certain special person, but you're not really sure which way to go...".....Funny thing because when I went to see Janice yesterday afternoon, I really didn't know yet what I wanted or needed to talk about, and somehow we got on the topic of  a very special person in my life, and how my relationship/friendship with them plays out in my life and what extra anxieties and stresses it produces in me, not because of the friendship, because  that would be an absolute no brainer with knowing what to do, but because of me and my past history and my life experiences. Needless to say it made for an interesting afternoon, that brought up some old familiar issues and  yet it did feel good to get things of my chest and get her input and thoughts on it and we will go from there. And yes I will have to make a desicion regarding my role in that friendship and which way to go that is best for me......ooooohhhhh I can see some people's minds spinning already again ....knock yourself you talk about me, you leave somebody else alone, like my good friend would say! And that usually works for me.

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