Friday, April 16, 2010

Having a bad day with Hershey!

And no I am not talking about falling off my eating plan with Hershey chocolate, I am talking about my sweet Hershey at the DSC, who must have had an off day. He has come so far in the last few months, with really knowing how to behave like a donkey, well maybe he was just testing his naughty donkey side? Hershey was raised till he was two years old in a house with a family and treated like the family dog. Of course when that cute little donkey turned into his big size and was still acting like the family dog he became impossible to handle for the family and he was brought to the DSC. Hershey used to jump on people greeting them like a dog would greet you, but try that with a heavy donkey and you are in trouble. He has been really doing well and just last week a volunteer harnessed him with no problems, groomed him and did his feet, that was a first, unusually even the farrier  has a hard time catching him. But like I said he gotten so much better, but apparently there was an incident at the DSC the other day ( actually Tuesday..but must have been later in the day, because that staff member wasn't even there when I was there) with one of the staff members there and a run in with Hershey that we all got an email from our coordinator just to inform us and tell us that if we are not comfortable in a situation with any of the donkeys to not get into that situation. Hey works for me, like I do with Cocoa. I have been with Hershey alone in the barn and yes he can freak me out, but then other times I just want to go over to him and cuddle him, it depends on the look on his face.  It makes me so sad to hear about this incident because it really shows how us human can even screw up the mind of an animal and they have to suffer the consequences. Us humans really are a horrible breed that is capable of screwing up everything we touch, because we can't leave well enough alone and always have in our mind that we can  make things better or conform to our ways. I just know that Hershey is a very unpredictable donkey, but so can be any animal at one point, and I have the scars to prove that point, but I also take full responsibility for my part in this mishap, and the animal was just doing what her instinct told her to do. Lesson learnt!
I am totally in love with Hershey and have been from day one and he will always be my sweet Hershey!


Trina said...

Sorry to hear about Hershey's bad day - we humans can be terrible. It never ceases to amaze me that you need a licence to marry, hunt, fish, own a firearm but ANYONE can have a pet!

Hope he has a better few days and enjoy your weekend!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I read the words but haven't been following this blog for too long so didn't comprehend everything. Heshey does not live with you?

I agree with Trina, not everyone should be able to own animals, and I'd like to volunteer to be the judge and jury.

Tina said...

No, none of these donks belong to me :( , oh I so wish. I am a volunteer at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, and soon an employee there....woo hoo. I just love donkeys, and all other animals. Hershey is one of the donkeys on the Sanctuary Farm.

Louise said...

Heartbreaking, isn't it, what we humans can do to our fellow living creatures? And, the problem with donkeys and mules is that they remember, and it takes an extreme effort to remedy the problem. Even then, you don't know if, or when, the memory, and the problem, will come back.