Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another JUNO

Juno is a brown Standard donkey with a white chest, belly and legs. Her dark brown eyes are enormous. Before being given a lifelong home at the Sanctuary, Juno lived in an abusive environment. She was regularly hit with a shovel and fed very little. When a kind-hearted neighbour was able to persuade her owners to sell Juno, the donkey was brought, on the brink of starvation, to the neighbour’s farm. Juno’s new owners had no experience in the kind of specialist care that Juno required, and so they requested that she be taken in by the DSC.
Since her admission in late 2008, Juno has been living with the oldies and special-needs donkeys on the Farm. This small, quiet herd is providing the kind of company that is required by this extremely nervous, shy creature. We anticipate that many months will pass before Juno will be able to stand still when a human approaches. In the meantime, she is receiving consistent and gentle care. On a regular basis, she is moved into a stall where a staff person can brush her and speak quietly. Over time, we are hopeful that Juno will learn that she does not have to be fearful in the Sanctuary’s safe world.


Louise said...

Oh, poor, sweet Juno. I'm so glad that she has ended up in caring hands.

Tina said...

Me too, she is such a cutie, and making small very small babysteps towards being a not scared little donkey.

Tina said...

One thing they have done at the Sanctuary is give the animals new names upon their arrivals too, just to not associate the name with the memory.

DebH said...

oh you did it...and I am bawling my eyes out!! So glad your there for Juno, she deserves that!

AJ-OAKS said...

I will never understand why humans are so cruel to animals.
Poor Juno for those years of abuse and neglect.
Thankfully she is now with people who love and respect her. In time she will come around, but there will always be that hesitation for the rest of her life.
She is so beautiful.

Tina said...

Yes Cindy she absolutely is gorgeous, she has the biggest brown eyes.