Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Sunshine!

Well well well, I should be sitting out in front of my house, with coffee and book at hand and enjoy the warm temperatures and the bright sunny skies, but instead I am sitting at work in the office. The frist group just came in to cancel so I have two hours to do some stitching without feeling guilty of doing it at work lol. The drive to work was nice, I am glad I am such a good observer because that makes me see what most people would miss, but on the other hand, I should be keeping my eyes on the road more than just wander off in the scenery, but due to that there were a few deers in one of the wooded areas of my way to work, they really blended in nicely but still I spotted them and thank god there are not mailboxes on that side of the road, or I probably would have taken a few out lol. It's amazing I live in the city and yet it feels so much like living in the country and sure the sights are precious at times. I love all my wildlife in my back yard or out front along the Canal. I have seen beavers, blue herons, groundhogs, deers, raccons, geese, bunnies, skunks, possums, bats, of course all my squirrels and all the beautiful birds, like blue jays, cardinals, finches, indigo buntings, grossbeaks, all different kinds of woodpeckers, orioles and hummingbirds, that visist our feeders, trees and flowers in the summer. Like I said so many times before I wouldn't trade my house for anything, well except a real house in the country with farm animals or a house by the lake, but otherwise I have the best of both worlds, city and country living.
By now it is about three hours after I started writing this post....Singing Donkey #4 is finally finished and I started on #5 and my last one for now. This one will be a white donkey, well actually there are no white donkeys, unless they are truly albino and have red eyes , but they are very very light grey, looks white to me, but hey, I am not a donkey expert. lol. So I know the donkey part will be done quickly and hopefully I can stay on track and finish this one this week, so I can hand it all over to my friend Jane.
Oh, btw...can you say F*** UP? Damn, should have started stitching the minute the first group cancelled, because while tinkering with their rental on the PC, I took the whole  damn thing out and deleted it....oooppps! Hmmm I guess I have to call my boss on Monday morning and explain...ouch!!!! The second group has just left and I am waiting for the last group, hope they remember their rental time. Arrrrggghhhhh!

Singing Donkey #4
Singing Donkey #5


Trina said...

Isn't it great to be able to stitch at work! I truly love it with my weekend when I work!

Love the donkeys!

See you Wednesday!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

all that wild life along the canal and you forgot to list those three jackass's.

AJ-OAKS said...

Your singing donkeys are so adorable. I must have missed if you sell them or donate or what with them.?

ME said...

Well they will be a donation to the craft table on Donkey Day in June, to raise funds for the DSC. So hopefully they will sell. :)

Jodie said...

Haha I LOVE this pattern! VERY funny, I was in London visiting my best friend last week and we went into a cross stitch store, where she found this exact pattern, and I bought it! I started stitching it yesterday, it's great!