Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hope Canada is ready for this!

Another "AISCH" has invaded Canada and made it their permanent home. For now he will be staying out in Calgary, Alberta, but is hoping eventually to be transfered to the company's office in Toronto. Woo that is one family member I am probably the closest to of all my family, even though we were never close distance wise, because he lived in the middle of Germany and I lived in the south. And we are not really close family members either. Growing up I just saw him maybe once every couple of years, as his parents were divorced and I never met his mother until a few years ago when he came to Canada for a visit with her. I have seen him probably more often over the last few years living in Canada than living in Germany.  And omg he looks so much like my dad that it is scary at times. Welcome to Canada!

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AJ-OAKS said...

That must be great to have a family member moving to your neck of the woods. And since you both grew up in Germany you will have so much to talk about! And you get to show him the 'ropes' of living in Canada. Very cool!