Friday, April 09, 2010

Dusting myself off!

Well last night was a little bit of a melt down moment for me and I did what I have been know to do to feel better, and boy it sure did and at that very moment it really didn't matter anyway. So today was a new day and a new start to stick to the plan. I am so glad I have mastered the task of not beating myself up over little failures to the point of what's the point anymore. Thank goodness! There is always a way to do better the next time.
I made my weekly trip down to the lake today, and I had lots of good things to tell Janice, over which she was absolutely delighted and it was great to talk about some good stuff for a change. She was really happy for me and I can sense somewhat relieved too that I got out of my "funk" and crappy feelings. She had given me two weeks prior some little things to ponder about and was surprised that I went thru with pondering and actually doing it. I am sure I will take this a lot further and things are in the planning, and eventually more than just that. But I need to have a little bit more free time to do that and time to plan it out more in details.
So it's been a good day again today...oh and by the way...I can be a bitch too if I have just ask Mr. Bell and his guys lol.


AJ-OAKS said...

Getting into a funk is easier than getting out of one. But with grit and determination it can be done. Glad to hear your funk is going away! The drive to the lake must be so beautiful ( I remember a post that you wrote describing it). And hey, we ALL make mistakes! If we were all perfect can you imagine how boring we would all be? lol :)

ME said...

I know that would be so boring!