Friday, April 09, 2010

You know you are a donkey lover if.....

(By Frankie Osborne Lee, Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys)

You have pictures of your donkey in your cell phone. (yup I do )

You buy more farm boots than flip flops. (I am getting there lol, every time I go to the VV boutique I look for new work boots)

You kiss your donkey as often as your spouse. ( I kiss them way more often than the AH)

You go out in 20 degree weather to check on your new foal, but not to the mailbox because it's just too cold. ( I can see that)

A bray at 3:00 a.m. helps you rest.

Watching a donkey in the field from afar gives you a warm, snuggly feeling. (sure does)

You keep a pair of binoculars at the window closest to the donkey pasture.

You can't wait to get to the feed store! ( No need to for me to go to the feed store, however I have been to the local TSC and wandered into the feed isles and checked out all the things for equines)

You love your donkeys and know every one of their names, sisters, brothers, parents, and all their dispositions! (well I am trying to remember all their names, I know who is related to who)

You ask your local Wal-Mart manager to consider carrying donkey products. ( I can see that happening, I know I browse a lot of websites that carry donkey products and have been known to order a few things lol)

You can't wait to get to the pasture! (definitely)

You don't understand the question, "But what do you do with a miniature donkey?" (?????? )

Does that qualify me as a donkey lover? 

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AJ-OAKS said...

Oh my gosh can I relate to this post! I actually laughed out loud while saying," Yup, I do that". Gotta love those wonderful longears!!