Thursday, April 08, 2010

That brings back memories!

One of my favourite places to visit when I was a child and teenager was Nuernberg. When I was little both my set of Grandparents resided in that city, even in the same apartment building, so if I was bored at one grandma's place I could just go upstairs to the other one. This is how my parents meet too, my dad being a student to become a teacher and my mom still going to high school getting help from him after school with math.Yeah right lol! Later on my mom's parents moved to Munich. During summer vacations I either was on vacation for a few weeks with my paternal grandparents in the Bavarian Forest or I spent time at their place in Nuernberg. They lived right in  the city, so everything was in walking distance, all the tourist attractions and the main shopping streets. I absolutely loved going there, just so much history and so many neat things to see, visit and do, like going to museums, the most famous one being the toy museum and the train museum, or taking a tour of the medievel castles and torture chambers and prisions, or just hanging out by the lake that was just a five minute walk from my grandparent's place and was absolutely beautiful, there was also a great big garden. I was always on the go with grandma and as I got older I would venture out by myself. It was absolutely amazing and I just love being in that city. I haven't really been back there for a while now, the last time I wanted to go back was when I was in Germany in 2006  but was sick the whole time I was there, so we didn't get to do hardly anything that year. So next time there will definitely be a trip to Nuernberg too.


Kate said...

I am absolutely speechless! I just clicked over here from another cross stitch blog and saw a ton of donkeys!! You're the only other person I've heard of to love donkeys too! I am mildly (wildly?) obsessed with them. I even went to Arizona last summer to a town called Otaman where the donkeys roam free- best day of my life! LOL this post probably seems pretty random and weird, I just can't believe there's another donkey-lover out there!

ME said...

oh trust me there are plenty of us crazy longear loving people around.

AJ-OAKS said...

Boy do I have questions for you about the video!! What is the meaning of the witches? And the rabbits/hare statues? And what about the statue with the people in it that looks like they were all in a boat? Oh, and when I saw the 'mechanical' people it reminded me of the Glockenspeil ( spelling). Is that one like a clock too?
Oh, and real quick. I read Kate's comment and it cracked me up because several years ago we had two Oatman burros here!! Every now and then some of the burros there are captured to keep the population down for the tourists.

ME said...

Cindy, the thing with the witches stems from the midievel times, as for most of the statues, they are representative of the work of Albrecht Duerer, one of Nuernbergs and Germany's famous painter, printmaker and theorist from the late 1400. And yes that is a Glockenspiel just like the one in Munich at the Church.