Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Make my heart soar!

Well the weather yesterday was anything  but nice, I woke up my usual time and it was pouring, oh well I thought I have been up the farm by - 20 Celsius, a litte rain won't kill me, after all I am anything but made out of sugar. By the time I was ready to leave, the sun had actually peeked out for a few minutes, but that didn't last long. Last minute I decided to stuff my winter coat back into the trunk and boy was I ever glad I did as I got up to the farm. Hmmmmm? Not a donkey in sight, no where, I walked down the yard to the barn and wow what happened here? The special needs side was just filled with donkeys that usually don't belong on this side, turns out that from the rapid weather and temperature change and the donkeys still having all their winter fur, it was the perfect breeding ground for skin infections, so there were a few extra to take care of today to clean of the skin and desinfect the affected areas, but all are in good spirits. But wow, almost felt like being on the dark side. Of course more donkeys means more poop, and needless to say I worked hard today and even with Matt being there too, we took one loaded wheelbarrow after the other up to the trailer, and by the time we were done, the trailer was close to being in need of emptying.  I had time to groom Buffy, who was giving me the run around til I finally got her, and Odin. Now Odin he is just too smart, he sees me wandering around with the halter in my hand and comes right up to me to take him to grooming, but his whole agenda really is to get a carrot, that is the only reason he endures the grooming on a free will. As soon as he is done, he nudges you on to get to the tack room to get a carrot. And he thought I wouldn't figure that out. I had some cuddles with Juliet over the fence in the barn, not sure what was up with her today, because usually she isn't a cuddle donkey, but today she just couldn't get enough. On my way up to the parking lot, I saw Juno standing in the fenced in meadow about 15 meters from the fence, I leaned at the fence and just started talking to her, totally unassuming she inched herself step by step closer to the fence, and then just stood there looking at me, I stretched my hand out so she could sniff it again and slowly very slowly she even moved closer, so close that I could touch her, so close that i could actually pet the head and scratch her ears, and she  just stood there and let me do it. But one sudden movement and off she went, only to try again to approach me slowly and she got a few more pets. WOW! That just made my day. What a brave little donkey girl! Seems like she likes to be called Juno Hunny! Because every time I called her that, her ears just perked up and she looked. What a way to end a nice day with the long ears.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You had a lovely time with your donks. I love those fuzzy, long ears.

AJ-OAKS said...

That is wonderful she let you pet her. :) Baby steps are amazing. Odin sounds like quite the character.

The weather changes sure do a number on feet and skin with the critters.Something always comes up that has to be taken care of asap when it comes to the critters.

ME said...

It sure does, never a dull moment with the care of them.